High Spec Village

Ore no Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri

Alternative:    オレの恩返し ~ハイスペック村づくり~

                        My repayment: Let’s make this village a high spec one.

High spec village1


I was mountain climbing in Japan, and when I noticed, the view that spread before me was a strange one. A villainous Lord and a rural village at the brink of destruction filled with children. But those children have no way to oppose, so I guess I will save this village as thanks for them accepting me.



Volume 1

Volume 2


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Autumn of Reforms

Episode 1: When I noticed, I was here.

Episode 2: Encounter with the people from the other world.

Episode 3: Gathering meat and going towards a village.

Episode 4: Urd, a village in distress.

Episode 5: A dazzling smile

Episode 6: Getting ready to eat breakfast

Episode 7: First step towards the village reformation

Episode 8: Secret weapon of the hunt

Episode 9: A familiar enemy in the forest

Episode 10: The blacksmith’s workshop

Episode 11: Mass-produced type

Episode 12: Livestock husbandry

Episode 13: The food of hope

Episode 14: Liscia and Yamato

Episode 15: A welcomed protagonist

Episode 16 【Idle talk】: Night of the welcoming party – Blacksmith Gaton side

Episode 17 【Idle talk】: Night of the welcoming party – Village Cheif side

Introduction of the people so far

Chapter 2: Spring of Mayhem

Episode 18: The Beggining of a New Season

Episode 19: Moving Forward with the Agricultural Reforms

Episode 20: New Strength and Lurking Shadows

Episode 21: Tracking

Episode 22: Resolve and Determination

Episode 23: Assault

Episode 24: New Inhabitants

Episode 25: Treasures of the Han clan

Episode 26: A preparation with kindness

Episode 27: A Matter of Life or Death

Episode 28: Gaton’s Old Story

Episode 29: Towards the Rock Salt Mine

Episode 30: Deathmatch against a Spiritual Beast

Episode 31: That Battle of Ours

Episode 32: Premonitions of a New Season

Episode 33 【Idle talk】: May the Souls of the Great Men Rest

Episode 34 【Idle talk】: A New Grassland Bow

Characters and terms so far

Comentary on weapons’ performance so far

High spec village2

Chapter 3: City’s World

Episode 35: New Season and Looming Problems

Episode 36: A City of a Different Word

Episode 37: Bazaar

Episode 38: Invited to a Back Alley

Episode 39: Assasins

Episode 40: The Consul Maiden Regent

Episode 41: A night in Orn

Episode 42: Showing Special Confidence and Courtesy (Sanko no Rei)

Episode 43: A Fleeting Holiday

Episode 44: Wild Beast

Episode 45: A Hastened Plan

Episode 46: Re-forming the group

Episode 47: Imperial Noble Merchant, Butan

Episode 48: Yamato-style – Battle Wagon

Episode 49: The Great Storm Sword

Episode 50: The Crimson Knight

Episode 51: Afterwards Developments

Episode 52: Promise of reunion and return

Episode 53 【Idle talk】: The playful Lacq

Episode 54 【Idle talk】: The Young Knights of the Hisan Empire.

Episode 54.5 【Idle talk】: Develoment of a new weapon

Characters and terms so far Part 3

Comentary on weapons’ performance so far Part 3

Chapter 4

Episode 55: Beggining of spring of the second year

Episode 56: The Girls’ Acomplishments

Episode 57: A situation that can’t be overlooked.

Episode 58: A brute-force strategy

Episode 59: Rescue

Episode 60: A new name

Episode 61: A welcoming and a new farming tool

Episode 62: Store

Episode 63: A diplomatic situation

Episode 64: Towards the Imperial Capital

Episode 65: A thriving city

Episode 66: Imperial Aristocracy

Episode 67: Taking a liking to

Episode 68: Diplomacy

Episode 69: A Reddish Figure

Episode 70: The Prince’s true intentions

Episode 71: An existance that must be avoided

Episode 72: Preparing the rescue squad

Episode 73: Road to the Sea of Trees

Episode 74: Checking equipment

Episode 75: The ruins in the sea of trees

Episode 76: Spiritual Beasts’ encirclement

Episode 77: Fight against the Spiritual Beasts

Episode 78: Knights and Spiritual Beasts

Episode 79: Boy

Episode 80: Demon

Episode 81: Battle Against a Demon



Covers of Volumes 3 and 4.

High spec village3

High spec village4


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