High Spec Village – Chapter 68

Here it is. Starting again!

February’s schedule has been updated.

I wanted to post this sooner today, but last night I remembered I havent gotten anything for the 14 to sell at my store.

I spent all day searching and getting little gifts ready and I must say, I am exhausted. My head hurts, so does my back.

I dont think I’ll translate anything today. I’m exhausted.

Also, this chapter, due to lenght, counts as two. I was thinking about splitting it, but I believe it’s best to just translate the whole chapter and post it whole instead of making two posts.

This goes for the rest. Rarely a chapter reaches over 4000 characters, but for those I’ll split them (count-wise).

I checked and all chapters this month except for the last one are around 3000ish characters.

Anyway, I dont even know what I’m talking about… Gosh, even my hands hurt.

Well, without further ado.

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 68


5 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 68

      • I went back to see what your cut was and man 2% huh, too bad it wasn’t more! I don’t buy too much from amazon but I will be sure to access amazon via your adds. Do you know if I have items in my cart, and then use your ads, then check out, would that still give you a cut? Or do I have to search via your ads


        • Tbh, Im not sure about tht scenario. I know that I’m credited the sales made within 20ish minutes of clicking my links, regardless of what item is bought.
          Btw, I’ve been sick these past few days, but I’m feeling better today so I’ll resume posting/translating.


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