Mistaken for the Demon King

The world’s only Demon User – I was mistaken for the Demon King after changing jobs.



mistaken for the demon king



The ocupation that I, Noah Whitefield, was given by the heavens was no other than “Hero”. The moment I was to be recognized as such, I would be pushed into a journey where I couldn’t return until after I defeated the Demon King. But this job is such a hassle, so excuse me if I decline. So after desperately searching for a way to change this profession, I decided to look for a book that could change jobs.

But the words I heard after changing professions were…

――You are now a Demon User.

Thus, I became the world’s only Demon User, a skill to make a variety of monsters into my companions. In the first place, there were no demons that me, a former “Hero”, couldn’t defeat. So slowly, a big army of monsters started to be built. But wait! I’m a Demon User followed by monsters. I just want to befriend monsters, I don’t want to be thought to be the Demon King just because monsters are following me.



Table of Contents

001 – Prologue

002 – Demon User – Noah Whitefield

003 – Battle encounter

004 – The First (Cow) Companion

005 –


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