High Spec Village – Chapter 46

As promised! Here’s the next chapter!

This month I will do everything in my power to translate daily, so every day I will be posting a chapter! Why? In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the site! and also celebrating that I bought a domain!

There’s one thing I forgot to say, (well, two actually, but only one concerning the chapters). The term “Konoe Kishi” or “Konoe Knight”, I’m sure some of you have read that in some novel already, I know I have. It doesn’t mean “Knight of Konoe” or something like that, the actual meaning is Royal Guard or Imperial Knight, or something along those lines.

Lienhardt is one of those, but since Orn isn’t ruled by royalty nor is an empire, I was at odds about how to translate it, so I went with “Knight Guard”. Therefore, bear in mind that for this novel, a “Knight Guard” isn’t the same as, let’s say a “city guard” or a regular knight. It is like the elite of the Knights.

The second one is, Phany isn’t the friend I once posted a video of her drawing. And also, she will be starting posting too after she finishes some stuff. I already told her she should introduce herself properly :3

She’s working and doing her Inktober challenge, might as well tell her to post it here too. And also, she’s doing some drawings for the site, one of those is a new avatar for both of us, here’s a sketch of mine so far:


Pretty cute, isnt it 😀

Anyway, on to the chapter!

Chapter 46


11 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 46

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  2. Ohh, I forgot one thing!
    During this whole chapter, Yamato changed his speech a little, he dropped all honorifics from everyone and spoke a little (in japanese terms it means a LOT) more informal.

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