Only I know that the world will end – ToC

Kono Sekai ga Izure Horobu Koto wo, Oredake ga Shitte iru

Alternative:   この世界がいずれ滅ぶことを、俺だけが知っている ~モンスターが現れた世界で、死 に戻りレベルアップ~

                        Official English Title: Only I know that the world will end.



“There’s no doubt about it. The moment I die, I’m transported back in time.”
Akira Ichijou, a simple businessman, was on his way home when he encountered and was killed by a minotaur.
Shortly thereafter, Akira was mysteriously transported back to the time before his death, and was confronted with the appearance of various monsters in the real world.
Akira was bewildered, but he soon discovered that when he defeated a monster, his “level” increased and his abilities were inherited even if he died.
He was relieved to find that he would not die so easily, but the Minotaur roams the streets where Akira lived, as a boss monster, and even if he escaped far away, another boss blocked his way.
Akira, in the midst of this hopeless situation, still tried to resist his doom.
“I’m not dead yet. I’m still alive!”


Volume 1

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Everything

001: The beginning of it all

002: Waking up

003: The return of the nightmare

004: Waking up a second time

005: Status and Return from Hell

006: Strange Phenomenon

007: Goblin

008: Dying

009: Level up

010: How to use points

011: Only I know

012: Preparations

013: Bulletin Board: 【Breaking News】 A dragon is discovered in China, hahahahaha

014: Preparations ② & Bulleting Board: 【Breaking News】Monsters were found all over the world.

015: Towards a world where monsters appeared

016: Goblins and running away

017: Bulletin Board: World Isekai is here Collapse

018: Encounter

019: VS Goblin

020: Second Level Up

021: Obtainable skills

022: Skill impact

023: Bulletin Board:【Of monsters】Isekai is here Part 3【Level up】

024: Effects of physical strengthening

025: Goblin nemesis

026: Analysis

027: For your own sake

028: A certain man’s guide to monsters

029: After the goblins……

030: In front of the supermarket

031: Bulletin Board:【Kill the】Isekai is here Part5【Goblins】

032: Achievement

033: A number of skills

034: Difference in status

035: The fifth time

036: Man-eating Plan

037: Burning amazingly















Chapter 2




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