High Spec Village – Chapter 64

Third chapter of the week.

This chapter just reminded me, remember how every person pretty much refers to Yamato using slightly different honorifics? I decided to leave them there to avoid using the (X Character) at the end of every sentence which some translators sometimes use, that kinda kills the immersion in my opinion.

Anyway, what I remembered was both Liscia and Isis speak to Yamato with -sama, but Isis uses kanji and Liscia uses just hiragana.

Also, I added japanese stuff to the amazon links (Just the two novels I’m translating in the side bar, and the overlord novels to the next chapter at the end)

I might disable ads after all, if they perform the same this month. I also dont want to add something to block people with adblocks, so that’s the only choice.

On the other hand, for the people interested, there are many discounts (AFAIK) only amazon affiliates can link to. So, if there’s something any of you would like me to keep tabs on, let me know and I’ll search.

Now, on to the chapter!

Chapter 64

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2 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 64

  1. Is it possible for you to advertise other stuff than watches? I think there are more relevant stuff for people reading here, like games/books/movies, drawing utensils, and computer peripherals. Might bring in better income so that you can keep on providing us with quality content :3


  2. How about getting an affiliation from PlayAsia and Plamoya. Everyone would probably know about PlayAsia but Plamoya is a Japanese good shop from figures to video games and there are tons of discounted items everyday.


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