High Spec Village – Chapter 49

Lookie-look!! There a new banner image in the site!

It was made by Phany, you can watch the video of her drawing it here:

By the way, I messedly added the background, sorry if it isnt that good. But to be honest, I loved the image!! Its so cute!

Anyway, on to the chapter, I was reading some novels so that’s the delay.

Chapter 49


21 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 49

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  2. Thanks for the chapter and illustrations!
    I never understood why they all need to leave, i mean there’s only 2 enemies and only one of them a threat but Yamato can fight him so why you don’t safe Isis while Yamato fighting? Plus there’s reinforcement coming so isn’t this plan is better than “let’s leave everything to him”. And before you leavr didn’t you set your own reinforcement yourself or your plan is just chase them with this people my master like and hoping we can catch on


  3. Nice. Thanks for the image!

    This is probably what Yamato was waiting for. Both Butan and Barres have easy to understand personalities after all.


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    1 problem with that merchant’s thinking is that if he kills her now then he’ll lose his bargaining chip with both Yamato and the Empire, in fact I can see the Empire claiming no responsibility and saying that he killed her for his own ambition.


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  6. I think got the gist of why this novel got so low rating, it’s too cliche if i must say. If I read this novel earlier than other novels then maybe i won’t notice the inconsistency within this novel, i hope the author would want to make a revised version of this novel because this novel got the potential but the author didn’t make use of it to the maximum


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