High Spec Village – Chapter 47

Hi everyone who came to read the translation from Kari. She told me it would be better to introduce myself properly and suggested that I used a chapter to do so. So, here it is! I’m Phany and this is my very first “about me”.


Positive kitten. Joyful, loving, although sometimes a bit clumsy; shy, a dreamer but also somewhat impatient. I’m addicted to the cellphone and my computer. At times filled with nostalgia. I’ve got some very weird dreams too, hahaha. I love the scary, but also the cute… well, a bit of everything, I guess.

I’m 21 y.o. and from Mexico.

I love to draw (You might’ve already realized that) both digital and analog… But since it’s easier, the videos I upload are drawn in digital. I love music and to sing (although my voice isn’t the greatest, HEHE), to dance, ANIME, animals (mostly cats). I love animation and to animate in 2d. I tend to lost myself in videogames, yet I haven’t played many.

I love food, but due to health issues I’ve got a strict diet. Desserts are my weakness :3

I’m still in the process of improving my illustration technique, and in advance, I appreciate your support, I’ll give it my all :3

I know I have many obvious defects, but I’m trying to improve myself.

A pleasure to “meet” you all and well… Cheer for anime, manga and videogames!

Also, thanks for this opportunity :’)

And like Kari says, “enjoy the chapter!”

Chapter 47


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