High Spec Village – Chapter 62

How do people make a living off of ads?


I’m starting to consider simply removing all ads, after all, it seems like people just uses adblockers.

And so, that’s why I’ve been integrating Amazon ads. Since if you buy stuff from my links, even if they are not the items I linked, I get a small cut (like 2%) as long as its within less than 30 mins of clicking it.

Anyway, yeah, I’m poor, dont judge me ¬¬

I searched for some deals, and found some nice watchs with discounts, if you want to check them out for christmas.

Ohh, yeah, this is the first normal chapter of the week. (I has a headache)

Now, on to the chapter!

Chapter 62

You don’t know what to gift this christmas? Check out these watches from Ralph Christian and Perry Ellis with discounts of 25% and 15% using the links below.


There are many watches in each link, and they all have discount.








3 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 62

  1. Ganan según el volúmen de visitas, no es lo mismo las visitas de un sitio grande como Wuxiaworld (rango global de 1257 según alexa con ¿millones? de visitas diarias) a este pequeño, pero confortable, sitio (por cierto está rankeado en el lugar número 1,205,419).


  2. I don’t have AdBlock on my Android. I do have one on my PC’s Chrome browser. I do most of my reading on my Android, and only use my PC Chrome browser for reading ad intense sites (more than 25% ads) or those with popup ads. I use my Opera browser for other stuff where I don’t have to deal with more ads than necessary.
    I don’t mind ads, but it gets annoying when there are ads after every paragraph, or popup that tries to force me to go to certain sites or do things I don’t want.
    Since the ads here are within reason, there is no need for me to read it with my antiad browser.


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