High Spec Village – Chapter 54

I corrected I believe it was chapter 51 (?), when Yamato thinks “(Crown Prince Loki, huh?)” to Imperial Prince, since I mistranslated that part. My bad.

Well, I went to check on past chapters since there was an inconsistency on this chapter, but that was the only real mistranslation I found.

The issue is, on this chapter, told from the side of the “imperial knights”, Loki is refered to as the “third imperial prince”, and in last chapter, Lacq spoke about him as “second imperial prince”.

Both are accurate translation, so that only means either the author screwed OR there’s something behind the scenes.

And like I’ve always said, I never read ahead, I like to keep the same pace as my readers or else I feel like I’m cheating (at least for the stories I translate, others I read I do go well beyond the current translation). So, I dont know if its a typo or correct as of yet.

Also, I feel the urge to spoil stuff, therefore, I dont read ahead xD

Anyway, enough rant, on to the chapter!

Chapter 54


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