High Spec Village – Chapter 48

Hello everyone! Sorry about yesterday, my keyboard broke (not kidding, nor trying to justify myself). But now I bought a new one. I’m still struggling with the keys a bit, but it feels better than my last one. Besides, that other one I believe it costed me like 5 dollars, so it wasn’t really made to last I think.

Anyway, that’s why I couldn’t translate, actually, why I couldnt finish this chapter yesterday. Its around twice as long as the recent ones, so I couldnt finish it in time since I had to go buy a new keyboard.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter. I doubt I’ll have the next one done today too, but I’ll give it my all. (nope, I just checked, 49’s a bit longer than this one.)

Chapter 48

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9 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 48

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    If their general is defending the kidnapper, the empire is not being subtle. Then again, if he’s really strong, they might think that as long that there’s no witnesses, they’re good.


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