High Spec Village – Chapter 54.5

Okay, this is the last Idle talk chapter, and also more foreshadowing.

These three Idle talk chapters were pretty much foreshadowing in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy it.

This is the last one for the week too. In case you havent noticed, I’m back to a schedule.

These past months, as some of you might’ve known, I opened a store and quit my job. This release schedule will be effective for the rest of november, december and january, and will see from there if something is changed.

Also, I opened sponsored chapters again. Primarly because I hope to buy some christmas gifts for my family and my earnings aren’t near as enough to spare in gifts.

Like always, I appreciate your support and if you cant/dont want to donate, disabling the ad-blocker is really appreciated too, the ads arent intrusive.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!!!

Chapter 54.5


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