High Spec Village – Chapter 56

Okay, seveal things before the chapter.

  • I apologize for the delay, still, the schedule stands. This chapter was from last week’s. Tbh, I got caught up reading some novels… several of them. IDK, I felt in the mood for something a bit different, and went to read Tate no Yuusha and Gobling Kingdom, from the start.
  • This goes for all you sick loli lovers, (I just did a quick google search for 14 year old and 26 year old). To ilustrate the diferences between Yamato and Liscia using real people.

No disrespect intended towards the people in the images, this is just to illustrate the difference in ages, and that Yamato is one of the few MCs that retain their common sense in regards to age differences. You’ll know why I said this after reading the chapter.

  • This had been one of the hardest chapters of this novel for me, lots of words I didnt know and words that translate basically as the same thing in english… I did my best. But before that, there’s two spinning wheels you need to see so you understand better the chapter. These are very short videos, you can stop watching them 5 seconds in and you’ll get the general picture. I do recommend you to at least glance at them before reading the chapter.

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 56

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One thought on “High Spec Village – Chapter 56

  1. Bruh
    I have a neighbor with a 12 year old daughter that has a body of an adult woman (it’s ridiculous to the point you’d think it came out from an anime plot a well endowed underaged girl)

    No joke i seen many 12 year old kids that don’t look their age recently

    And it’s scary


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