High Spec Village – Chapter 57

I didn’t intend to post a chapter today, I was traying to save up a bunch for my patreons, whom have been with me for many months now, and supported me even in my lowest.

BUT, one of them just donated me enough to fulfill my christmas goal. That is 8 sponsored chapters of High Spec Village. And while this isnt a sponsored chapter, you can at least expect one chapter of HSV every day for the rest of the month 😀

Well, that is if I post one each day, but I’ll try to fulfill the sponsored chapters sooner than that.

This is the first of four normal chapters of the week, I’ll maybe post two tomorrow, so stay tuned. (Wow, I just noticed it’s already thrusday… worry not, I got 3 chapters already translated)

And obviously, credit where credit is due. I know you dont really expect shout outs, but I just have to. Huge thanks to you Jimmy!!!! You are the best!. And let’s not forget Kirindas! Who also contribuited to reaching this goal!!!

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 57

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