Only I know that this world will end – 020

Second Level Up

“Haa, haa, haa, haa…………”

 Rough breath escaped from Akira’s mouth.

 His heart was beating loudly and violently.

 His fingertips were numb, perhaps from the effect of clenching them as hard as he could.

 Akira wiped his cheeks as he watched the sweat that had been forming on his forehead drip down to the dead goblin leaving behind a pattern.

(Finally, I won……)

 That was the first thought that came to Akira’s mind.

 It was just barely enough to challenge it with a knife. There was a phrase, “with the vitality of a cockroach,” and perhaps that was exactly what these things deserved to be called.

 Akira thought about this while exhaling slowly.

“Haaaa…… This is the second time I’ve done this…… It’s not something you get used to.”

 He took a deep breath and stared at the goblin’s corpse lying on the ground.

 This was the second time that he had taken a life. But unlike the first time, he still felt his mind was clear.

(I will take many more lives in the future. I’ll have to get used to that sooner rather than later.)

 Muttering in his mind, Akira shook his head as if to compose himself.

“The quest is…… Okay, it’s progressing.”

 Akira muttered to himself as he looked at the screen that appeared at the same time he defeated the goblin.

“……Plus, I was able to raise my level.”

 However, this time there was only one level up. The last time he killed one goblin, his level went up by two.

 The difference made Akira furrow his brow as he thought about it.

(Is that it? Is it because I’ve already leveled up twice in my previous life?)

 There might be a difference in experience between goblins, but this guy didn’t seem particularly weak, so that must be what happened.

(If that were the case, the numbers in parentheses would have increased with this level up…… Which, well, one can tell by looking at the status screen.)


 Ichijou Akira 25 years old Male Lv2  (4)






 Earned points:3


 Unique Skills:

 ・Return from Hell



 Staring at his own status screen, Akira groaned.

(After all, the numbers in parentheses are the levels that have accumulated over the past cycles. So, the level listed in front of it is my level this time.)


 In other words, level 2 was his level this time around. And level 4 would be his level after repeatedly coming back to life. Apparently, it depended on his overall level whether or not he would level up when he killed a monster.

 Akira concluded, then reached for the earned points text and switched screens.

(…… This means that no matter how many times I go back in time using the Return from Hell skill or whatever, I can’t mass generate points by repeatedly leveling up from level 1 to level 3.)

 ――If one could do that, Return from Hell would have been the greatest skill of all.

 Such thoughts came to mind, but what can’t be done can’t be done, so there was nothing he could do about it.

 Akira immediately changed his mind and switched to the point allocation screen to see if the increased points had changed the availability of skill acquisition for the time being.

 Next, he reached for the words “New Skill” from the list of possible point allocation options on the screen that appeared.

“Now what then? As expected, with three points, you’re sure to get something.”


 Please select the skill you wish to acquire.


“Oh! “

 Akira’s mouth involuntarily gaped at the screen, which he had never seen before.

 Apparently, it was now possible to get that thing called skill that he had been waiting for.

 Akira turned his attention to the screen in anticipation.

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