Only I know that this world will end – 009

Level up

 How long had he been lost in thought?

 Once the sweat that had been gushing from his entire body had stopped, his body began to cool down. Finally, Akira opened his mouth, exhaling loudly as if he had regained his composure.

“……That’s right. As I recall, there was something about leveling up.”

 He then called up his status screen.


 Ichijou Akira 25 years old Male Lv3 (1)

 Stamina: 5(+2Up)





 Earned points:2.


 Unique Skills:

 ・Return from Hell


“Really, the level has gone up. And by two at once.”

 Akira said, staring at the displayed status screen.

 A very generous level-up after defeating a single goblin.

 Or so Akira thought but quickly recalled that there was probably that much of a gap in power between him and the goblins.

(I thought of goblins as small fry monsters, but…… Well, true, no matter how hard I hit it, it didn’t die easily…………)

 Perhaps he could have been the one who was lying on the floor now.

 Akira thought about this and shuddered.

“……But, then again, I was hit in the head with the club…… I suppose I was lucky I wasn’t hit in the wrong way, or else I would’ve obviously died.”

 The blood overflowing from the injured scalp still showed no sign of stopping.

 As Akira reached for the spot where he had been hit by the goblin.

“~~~~~~! ! “

 As soon as his hand touched the wound, intense pain like an electric current shot through his entire body, and Akira let out an inaudible scream and rolled on the floor.

“――Ugh, damn……it! Can this be………… That because of that 『Second death』 thingy that increased my endurance……I managed to survive? “

 The benefits of Bronze trophy: Second Death was an increase in the endurance stat by 5.

 He didn’t know how much this status number affected his body, but without it, he surely would have died.

 As he thought, the wound on his head, which his hand touched for a moment, was deeper than Akira had imagined.

“Haa, haa, haa………… It’s still better than the pain of a torn leg ……”

 Akira exhaled, gasping for air from the writhing pain.

 Surely, with all these wounds, he felt no pain until now, probably due to the effects of the brain’s adrenaline.

 Akira thought about this, biting his lip hard to endure the residual pain, and then turned his gaze back to the screen.

(In the status, the value of strength increased a lot because of the Bronze Trophy ……Right? I believe it was 『First Monster Defeated』?)

 Multiple screens appeared at the same time as the goblin was killed.

 Remembering its contents, Akira mumbled.

“Another bronze trophy…… And pretty similar to 『Second Death』, very much like a game.”

 Given the timing of the trophy’s appearance, it seemed certain that it would be awarded as a result of some action.

 Akira looked down at his own hands and clenched them open.

(At the moment, there are no negative effects from earning this thing called a trophy…… In other words, I don’t have to worry too much about them……right?)

 Rather, if you received a trophy, your status would have increased by a corresponding amount, and you might as well consider yourself lucky to get it.

 He concluded so and cut off his thoughts on trophies.

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