Only I know that this world will end – 012


“Thank you very much.”

 With the uninspiring curtsey of the late-night clerk behind him, Akira left the Donki store with a large package in his hands.

 He bought a few days’ worth of food, water, a change of clothes, and a backpack. A flashlight, a helmet, and a knife he chose as a weapon. And many other small items.

He did not know how far he could go with just a knife, but he figured that it would be much better than nothing at all.

“I ended up buying a lot of things, but…… It’s quite light considering the amount. Is it because my strength has increased? “

 Akira was muttering to himself about the changes that had occurred in his body.

 As if suddenly remembering something, Akira, who had been walking onward, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

(……That’s right. There was a minotaur near my house.)

 It was definitely a monster that if encountered, you could only die.

 Akira paused in his thoughts for a moment, then quickly turned around and walked toward the road that led to his office.

 No one was in the office at this time of the day anyway. And in a few hours, it would no longer even matter that he had to come to work. Then using the company as a base wouldn’t be a bad idea.

 Yes, that was the plan.

 He arrived at the company not long after. Akira went around to the back door and used the key to the company’s back entrance, which was given to the employees―― especially to some of the employees who worked more overtime compared to the rest of the staff.

(――Come to think of it, last time there were goblins in the building. ……Well, those goblins must have entered from somewhere…… I don’t think they are here right now, but I’ll take a look just in case.)

 Last time he was caught off guard and killed.

 From now on, to make the company his base, he would first have to make sure there were no monsters in the building.

 Akira pulled out the knife and flashlight from among the items he had bought, gulped once, and carefully explored the building’s interior.

 After taking his time looking around all the departments and every nook and cranny of the building to make sure there were no goblins there, Akira went to his own section, the last one he had left.

“Here is…… also empty, huh?”

 Taking one last look around his department, Akira let out a sigh of relief when he saw that there were no goblins.

Then Akira finally unpacked his purchases on the floor and began carefully cramming them into his backpack, one at a time. By the time he finished packing up all of his luggage, it was around 1:00 a.m.

“…………It’s about time someone finds a monster.”

 Akira listened intently but still did not hear any commotion outside.

 Akira opened a social media site and began to search for words such as 『monster, 』 『goblin, 』 or 『minotaur』 in the search terms. However, all that came up when he typed in those words was talk about anime, manga, and video games. Just when Akira was about to give up on the idea. One tweet caught Akira’s attention.

『No way. Is that a goblin? Did I get reincarnated into another world? 』

 The photo posted on social media with these words was of a small, bulky child crouching in a back alley somewhere. The poster may have taken the photo from a considerable distance, and coupled with the darkness, the figure was not clearly visible.

 But if you asked anyone, the child in the picture did indeed look like a goblin, and if you looked closely under zoom, the child’s skin seemed to be green instead of skin-colored.

(……Five minutes ago?)

 No one seemed to have responded to the tweet with the image yet, perhaps because the contributor had quite a small number of followers.

 Akira then continued to fish through the social media tweets, and after confirming that there were no further such tweets, he now opened a major bulletin board site.

 As he browsed through the threads that lined up, one title caught his eye.

 It was a story about a dragon-like creature flying in the sky in China 30 minutes ago, and the bulletin board in question was plastered with images of a creature flying in the sky that certainly looked like a dragon.

(I knew it. They’re popping up all over the world.)

 But even so, it still did not seem to be a full-fledged outbreak yet.

 To be sure, he also searched for English words such as 『monster』 and 『goblin』 on social media, but the results did not seem to be much different from those in Japan.

“……Do I still have time? “

 With a troubled look on his face, Akira whispered and pondered.

 For the time being, preparations have been made, but it may still not be enough.

 By morning the situation will come to light and the world will surely be in chaos, but if the situation has not yet made itself known, it would certainly be a good idea to gather as many supplies as possible while you can.

“……Let’s go shopping.”

 Anyway, that was probably the only thing he could do right now.

 Having come to this conclusion, Akira moved again.

(Come to think of it, I spent all my money on shopping earlier.)

 As he grabbed his wallet and was leaving the office, Akira suddenly remembered.


 He let out a sigh and decided on his initial destination.

(I could go to a convenience store and withdraw as much of my savings as I can.)

 Paper money will be worthless once the world was destroyed anyway.

 At this point, you should turn it into supplies while you still could.

 With these thoughts in mind, Akira left the company.

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