Only I know that this world will end – 008

Dying out

“Stay awaaaaaaay!! “

 Facing the oncoming goblin, Akira picked up the electric kettle at his side and swung it frantically.

 However, wielding a tool that could hardly be called a weapon was of no use against a goblin.

“Gihi! “

 The moment when he swung the electric kettle around, the attack left an opening. The goblin, who had been rushing to Akira’s side, jumped into Akira’s bosom at once and struck him in the abdomen with his club.

“Guufu! “

 Akira’s breath left his lungs and an excruciating pain shot through his abdomen.

 The goblin swung the club in his hand once more against Akira’s body, which reflexively bent over to protect his abdomen.

“Gege!! “

 The goblin laughed and swung his club down without hesitation at Akira, who was now in a vulnerable position.

 ――Bash! !

 The club was swung and hit Akira in the head, and his vision was momentarily darkened by the force of the club, which was not proportionate to the goblin’s small frame.

“Uh, shit! “

 Akira immediately knew that his scalp had been cut by the warm, throbbing sensation that ran down his cheek.

 The intense pain felt almost unbearable, but Akira bit down on his back teeth and endured the pain.

 He wasn’t exactly strong against pain. However, this―― this was much better than the pain of having the lower half of his body shredded.

“――――Tch! ! “

 Akira quickly covered his head in preparation for the follow-up attack that would soon come.

 ……But the follow-up never came.

 The goblin looked at the club in his hand with a questioning expression on its face.

 The look on his face was as if to say, ” You were supposed to completely kill him with that one blow”.

“Ha! “

 This was an opportunity he could not afford to miss.

 Akira immediately pushed the goblin in front of him and got on top of him, forcefully snatching the club out of its hands.

“Gi, gigiu!! “

 The goblin, deprived of its cudgel and held down by being on top of it, writhed violently.

 Although its strength did not match its body, its physique was the same as that of a child’s. It could not escape Akira’s weight so easily.

“Haa, haa, haa…………! “

 Akira, while restraining the rampaging goblin, resolved himself.

 ―――To kill, or be killed.

 When lives were at stake, there was no reason whatsoever to hesitate.

“Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ! “

 Gripping the handle of the club tightly, Akira shouted to summon the courage he needed.

 Akira then held the goblin’s head down with one hand and swung the cudgel with the other hand, bringing it down with a mighty swing.


 The club struck the goblin in the head, sending a dull sound of bone against flesh echoing around the area.

“Gi, gihyi! “

 The goblin screamed and writhed even harder.

“Damn!! “

 The pinning down loosened and the goblin tried to slip out, but Akira held it down with all his might.


 Shouting, Akira swung the club down again.




 Again and again. Akira shouted and struck the goblin.

 The goblin screamed and flailed each time the club was swung down, but its strength gradually weakened with each swing of Akira’s club, and eventually, it stopped moving even a muscle.

“Uh……uu…………haa! ! “



 The goblin’s skull was shattered and its brain matter was crushed.

 Still, Akira continued to swing his club without stopping.

 Akira’s eyes could no longer see the goblin’s condition. However, his mind was dominated by the fear that if he did not kill the monster in front of him, he would be killed in turn.

 For how long did this continue?

 When the goblin’s face was crushed and goblin blood, which was neither red nor black, was sprayed all around him, it became increasingly difficult for Akira to raise his arm. Suddenly, a sound echoed around the area.


 A light sound like ringing a bell.

 The sound made Akira stop moving, and a blue-white screen appeared before his eyes.


 Level has been raised.

 Level has been raised.

 Two points were awarded.

 There are points earned that have not been spent.

 Please distribute the points earned.


 Conditions have been met.

 Bronze Trophy: First Monster Defeated was obtained.

 Bronze Trophy: First Monster Defeated has given the following benefits:

 ・Strength +5


“……level, up?” “

 Muttering, Akira let go of the club and relaxed his whole body.

 He then moved his body away from the dead goblin and staggered over to the wall of the service room, where he sat down with his back against the wall.


 For the first time, he took a life with his own hands.

 If he had made even one wrong move, his own death would have followed.

 And then the realization that the world had changed after all.

 With these various thoughts surging through his mind, Akira continued to stare at the goblin corpses without a word, as if he had lost focus.

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