Only I know that this world will end – 004

Waking up a second time.

“――――ou. ――chijou! Hey, Ichijou! “

 Akira was startled back to consciousness by a familiar call.

 He looked around in a panic and saw that he was at his desk at work, where he finally understood what had happened to him.

“…………I’ve come back.”

 He was back to the same past again, remembering the events of that dream ―― or to be more precise, the reality of that dream, which certainly must have happened.

 He didnt understand what was happening to him anymore.

 Why was he coming back to the same past? No, in the first place. Why was this happening?

“What the…… What the hell is going on?”

 Stunned, Akira uttered those words, and that’s when it happened.


 Suddenly, that sound was heard again.

 Akira looked up in response to it. And then, he saw that screen.


 The quest has been failed.


 Conditions have been met.

 Bronze trophy: Second Death   was obtained.

 Bronze trophy: Second Death   has given the following benefits.

 ・Endurance +5


“What……Is this?”

 Quest failed?

 Bronze trophy?


 What on earth was the meaning of those words? Or rather, what the hell was this screen!?

“Ichijou! Are you listening!? Hey!! “

 The voice behind him grew louder. He didn’t even need to think about who it belonged to.


“――――! ? Hey, what’s wrong? Your face is quite pale, you know!? Are you feeling sick!? “

“Chief, do you know what this means?”

 Akira asked and pointed to the blue-white screen displayed in front of him.

 Nao then looked at Akira’s fingertips and opened her mouth, her face immediately turning dubious.

“……? That? What’s wrong with that? “

“What do you mean―― This! What in the world is this!! The screen!! “

“…………Do you mean the program you’ve been typing at? I don’t see anything particularly strange about it.”

 Glancing at the computer screen on Akira’s desk, Nao remarked.

 There was an open coding screen, which must have been opened by Akira before his return from death.

“Not that! This――This blue-white screen!! “

“…………Which one? “

“This one here! Can you not see it!? “

 It was impossible! He couldnt believe that it was displayed so clearly in front of him, and yet, she couldn’t see it!!

 Akira frantically pointed his finger in the direction of the screen and told Nao about it. But the more desperate Akira became, the more Nao’s brow wrinkled.

“Ichijou. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you’re getting at.”

 Letting out a loud sigh, Nao looked at Akira’s face with a worried expression.

“You’ve been overworking yourself. I know you have a deadline coming up but go home for today.”


 Akira quickly realized that she was being serious, not joking, and was astonished.

 Could it be……that she truly couldn’t see that screen? Despite it being so clear to him?

“Is it just me that can see it? “

 Akira’s words, muttered in a small voice, caused Nao to furrow her brow even more. But she said nothing more, and just silently put her hand on Akira’s shoulder as if to console him.

“Come on, just go home already. Me too, I’ll be leaving soon.”

 Saying that, she returned to her seat and began to prepare for her return home.

 Akira watched the scene and slowly exhaled with trembling lips.

 And finally. Akira understood.

 That he had gotten himself caught up in something that was out of the ordinary.

“So, am I really going back in time? “

 No one answered the mumbled words. However, the fact that this question was correct was evidenced by this event, which he had experienced twice before, and could only be called a time leap.

(If that’s the case, if I keep going home …… I’ll run into that thing on the way there and die, again?)

 Akira involuntarily shuddered as he recalled the pain and suffering of that near-death experience.

(What should I do…… What am I supposed to do?)

 ――No, I don’t have to figure out what to do.

 The answer was that mysterious screen that appeared alongside the event that could only be called extraordinary. If the future of despair that lay ahead had already been determined, the key to escaping it must surely lie in that mysterious screen that appeared around the same time.

(…………Anything, are there any other screens?)

 At first glance, that screen looked a lot like the window screen you would see in games.

 Seeing the word Endurance along with the increase in value, he guessed there should be some kind of status.

(The question now is, how do I see those status……)

 It happened the moment Akira muttered that word in his mind.

 The screen in front of Akira’s eyes switched.


 Ichijou Akira 25 years old Male Lv1  (1)

 Stamina: 3

 Strength: 3

 Endurance: 7 (+5up)

 Speed: 2

 Luck: 2

 Points: 0


 Unique Skills:

 ・Return from Hell


“Whoa!? “

 Akira was startled by the screen that suddenly switched in front of him.

 Then Nao, who was getting ready to leave, turned to Akira and immediately sharpened her gaze. Perhaps she wondered about Akira, who appeared not getting ready to leave anytime soon.

 Sensing this, Akira bowed to Nao and hurriedly prepared himself.

 There were a lot of things he didn’t understand, but now was not a good time to try out all sorts of things on this new screen.

 The way he stared into an empty space and suddenly uttered random words must have seemed strange from an outside perspective. ……First of all, he had to go to a place where people couldn’t see him.

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