Only I know that this world will end – 019

VS Goblin

“Gee!? “

 The goblin jumped up, letting out a strange voice. It must have immediately sensed that it was being ambushed. The goblin quickly flipped its body and swung the club in its hand.

 But it did not hit Akira, who anticipated a counterattack and immediately backed away.

 When Akira saw that the goblin had finished swinging the club, he now held the knife pooled at his waist and swung it sideways in one fluid motion.

“Gya! “

 The blade cut through the goblin’s arm without missing its aim.

 However, from the response transmitted to the hand that wielded the knife, he guessed that it was probably just a scratch on its arm.

 But even such an attack seemed to be enough to distract the goblin. The goblin, frowning at the pain in its arm, paused for a few moments.

 ――An opportunity!!

 He was convinced that an opportunity had presented itself.

 Without even adjusting his stance as he wielded the knife, Akira kicked the ground with all his might and plunged his body toward the goblin.

“Gegya!? “

 Perhaps unable to take the brunt of the impact from the difference in size, the goblin let out a scream and fell backward with a thud.

“Gya gyagya!! “

 The goblin then began to struggle to get up as soon as it could.

 Akira, however, wasn’t just there watching the scene.

“Uaaahh!! “

 He raised a fervent cry and kicked the goblin as hard as he could in the stomach as it was lying on the ground.

 The goblin’s movement was momentarily halted by the impact, and Akira took advantage of this opportunity to quickly mount on top of the goblin and forcefully snatch the club in its hand.

“Gigii! “

 The goblin immediately resisted, writhing violently to retrieve the club that had been snatched away from it.

“……! “

 Seeing this, Akira quickly threw the club in his hand far away.

 The goblin’s gaze was caught by the arcing club, creating a momentary gap.

 Akira, taking advantage of the chance, firmly re-gripped the knife he had been holding in his other hand――

“…!! “

 He stabbed the tip of the blade toward the goblin’s chest.

“Gi, gyiiiiiii!? “

 It was hard, but the sensation was certainly that it pierced through the flesh.

 The goblin’s mouth exploded into a scream at the damage, which was probably fatal.

 Akira, hearing the goblin’s cries of pain, put even more strength into the knife in his hand once more, and swung it again and again down at the goblin.

“――Gi, aa……”

 Stabbed in the chest several times, reddish-black blood fluttered around it.

 However, as one might say, it was indeed a monster.

 The goblin’s body was trembling, but it did not die, and it was still leaking words.

“――――――――ii!! “

 No way, can this guy not die?

 Akira bit his lip saying, “No, that can’t be right.”

 He knew that the goblin’s ―the monster’s― vitality was high.

 Maybe just stabbing it in the heart wasn’t enough to kill it.

 So, Akira reconsidered, gripping the handle of the knife tightly once again and then swinging it down.

“Die already, you piece of shiiiiiit!! “

 Akira shouted and swung down the knife with all his might.

 The swinging knife was sucked into the goblin’s forehead and cracked the skull―――― followed by a gurgling, bone-crunching sound.


 That must have been the fatal blow.

 The goblin’s eyes rolled back to their whites as he uttered a word that was neither a scream nor a yelp.

 And this time. The goblin never moved again; its breath taken from it.


 Level has been raised.

 A point has been awarded.

 There are points earned that have not been spent.

 Please distribute the points earned.


 Class E quest: Goblins   in progress.

 Number of goblins defeated 1/100


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