Only I know that this world will end – 016

Goblins and Running Away



 This is the monster that previously defeated you.

 Quest will be generated.


 Class E quest: Goblins   will start.

 The condition for clearing the quest is to defeat the goblins.


 Number of goblins defeated 0/100


“――――What? “

 Unintentionally, a dumbfounded voice came out of Akira’s mouth.

 Then he glanced over and over again at the screen to make sure that what was written was correct.

(What’s this? No, this is the second time I’ve seen this screen. I’m not surprised now that this “quest” thing has come out of nowhere. From the looks of things, this quest is supposed to start when I meet the monster that caused me to die. ――――But……What’s with the contents? That’s impossible!!)

“……Screw you.”

 Unintentionally, the voice of his mind popped out of Akira’s mouth.

 And once that voice leaked out, it did not stop so easily.

 Akira, in a fit of rage, screamed at the screen that appeared before him.

“Don’t fuck with me!! What the hell is this?! A hundred of these guys? Don’t be ridiculous!! “

 As he said this, Akira looked at the goblins who had appeared.

(Thanks to the fight with the goblin last time, I have raised my level. My stats have also grown since then. Weapons, too, this time I have them ……But still! )

 Still, there was no telling how far the status increased by the level up would get him.

 Even if he had become somewhat more proficient, it would have been too reckless to ask him to defeat a hundred of those goblins he had previously risked his life to fight.

(I guess there must be some kind of reward for completing it since it’s called a “quest”. But I can’t right now! There is no way for the current me to survive against this number of enemies!! If you’re going to throw quests at me, do it one monster at a time…… First, I’d have to start by taking down goblins that aren’t part of a pack――――)

 Akira’s back was covered in a thick layer of sweat.

 Akira continued to spin his thoughts frantically, trying to figure out how he could survive the situation.

 In contrast, the two police officers who were questioning Akira were understandably agitated by the emerging goblins and began to provoke them by shouting loudly.

“W-What are these guys?? “

“Ta-Tanaka-san! These are the monsters that were reported!! Goblins!! “

“T-These are……? Hey, stop! Why aren’t they stopping?! “

“It’s no use, Tanaka-san! These guys don’t understand our words!! Let’s call for support!! “

“You idiot!! Who would come here after calling for support? Even we were on our way after being called for support!! “

 Did they understand the content of such an exchange between the two?

 The goblins looked at each other and pointed and laughed at their panicked faces, then imitated them with mocking expressions and even louder giggles.

“~~~~Ta-Tanaka-san!! These guys are laughing at us!! “

“Damn, how can we let these monsters mess with us……? Hey, you guys!! Don’t make fun of us――――”

 The middle-aged police officer, called Tanaka, pulled out a baton from his waistband as if to threaten them.


 The goblins, who until then had been laughing out loud, stopped laughing.

“Gege, gigiu gegyagya.”

 Then one of the goblins mouthed something.

 No one knew what it said, but it was clear from the look on its face that it was not something friendly.

“Gyagyagya, gigi.”

 The goblins continued to say something and wave their weapons threateningly in their hands.

 For an ordinary person with no power, that threat was enough.

 But the goblins were up against the police, responsible for enforcing law and order. In addition, the fact that Akira was nearby, a civilian whom they had to protect, seemed to have an effect on them.

 The two policemen glanced at Akira and immediately spoke with a sharp voice.

“What are you doing?! Get out of here!! “

“Run away!! Hurry!! “

“Run away? What about you guys!? “

“If we escape, who will protect you?! We’ll buy you some time until you escape! So, hurry up and run!! “


 Akira hesitated.

 This was a great chance. Right now, no one would blame him if he ran away from this place.

(But, really…… Can I just walk away from this place, by myself?)

 A sense of guilt welled up in Akira’s chest.

 After all, standing before them was a creature with a life force that could not be measured by the standards of earthly creatures.

 There was no way that only two people, no matter who they were, could win against goblins with blades and bludgeoning weapons. Without a doubt, they will both die.

(At least I have my stats. And even if I were to die, I would just go back to the past anyway. That being the case, I can just struggle to stay alive and――――)

“Run away!! “

 Akira’s body shook with a jolt at the loud voice that seemed to hit his eardrums.

 Upon looking, the middle-aged police officer turned his piercing gaze toward Akira. In their eyes, there was fear of the unknown monster that loomed close at hand, but also a light of determination that could almost be described as tragic.

 Once he made sure that his eyes met Akira’s, he then said with a reassuring smile to make Akira feel at ease.

“What do you think we police officers are here for? Just get out of here.”

“I understand.”

 He was reluctant to do so. But they both had pistols that he did not have. It will be all right, no doubt.

 With this in mind, Akira forced himself to accept it.

 The two police officers gave a small nod to Akira’s words and looked at each other.

“Satou. Until he escapes, we’ll somehow attract those things to us. You got it?”

“Yes! Noted!! “

 At the middle-aged policeman’s statement, the young officer, called Sato, nodded his head. ――It was then.

“Gegyaa!! “

 Suddenly, one of the five goblins lunged at them, screaming. And as if that was a signal. The goblins in the surrounding area held up their weapons, and they all pounced on them at the same time.

“Shit!! “

 Immediately, the middle-aged police officer called Tanaka reacted and fought back with the baton in his hand against the first goblin that jumped out at him.

 The goblin that had rushed in was knocked to the ground by the swung baton, but it quickly got up again and swung the stone axe in its hand to strike Tanaka’s arm.


“Tanaka-san! “

 Satou called out to Tanaka, who screamed in pain.

 Tanaka then glared at Sato and shouted loudly as if to scold him.

“Satou!! I’ll take care of the paperwork, the responsibility, all of it!! Permission to open fire!! You must protect him with your life!! “

“Yes!! “

 At the middle-aged policeman’s cry, the young policeman, called Satou, moved quickly.

 Satou pulled a pistol from a holster on his hip and took aim at the next goblin that attacked him, a stone axe raised in the air.


 The dry sound echoed through the city at night.

 The bullet that was discharged hit the goblin in the forehead and blew him back due to the force of the shot.

 But the goblin did not die.

 With blood pouring from his forehead, the goblin jumped to his feet and screamed, his eyes burning with more flames of anger.

“Gihye, gegyagya!! “

“What!? “

“The gun doesn’t work!? “

 Sato and Tanaka’s astonished voices overlap at the same time.

 But they were not the only ones surprised by it.

 Akira, too, was wide-eyed and frozen at the sight of the goblin, shot but still alive.

(No way, these guys…… Can’t they die even if they’re shot!?)

 What if all of the monsters that appeared in this world did not die just from being shot with a gun like this goblin? This might be the reason why this world, which was supposed to have police and Self-Defense Forces, was full of monsters a few hours later.

 Such were Akira’s out-of-place thoughts.

“Wait, that’s not the point right now!! “

 Guns didn’t work.

 They didn’t even have a numerical advantage.

 In addition, their life force was extraordinary, and they were monsters with weapons in their hands.

 Even if it were one-on-one, they certainly weren’t the kind of opponent that could be taken lightly now that it was a group fight.

 Akira kicked the club-carrying goblin that leaped at him, knocking him to the ground and shouted as loudly as he could.

“Listen to me!! The vitality of these guys is truly extraordinary!! Just crushing their heads is not enough to kill them!! They are the kind of guys you have to target their head repeatedly to finally take them down!! There are five of them! Let’s all run away!! “

“I know that from what I just saw!! Then even more so, we must buy time for you to escape!! Just get the hell out of here!! “

 At Akira’s words, Tanaka raised his voice.

“We are the police!! We can’t run away until you do!! “

 It was a noble mindset.

 But in this place and time, those were the very words that would cost him his life.

“――――――! “

 Akira bit his lip hard.

 He advised. Still, they said they would fulfill their duties.

 Arguing with them here and now wouldn’t make things better.

 If that was the case, he should get himself away from here as quickly as possible, even by a second, to create an opportunity for the two of them to escape without any worries.

 With that thought, Akira turned his body around.

“Please hurry up and run away!! “

 Akira shouted and started to run.

“Satou!! Defend this place!! “

“Yes!! “

 Behind Akira, who was running, he heard the conversation between two determined men.

“Eat shit, you monsters!! “

 The roar of men echoed through the city at night.

 Next, several shots rang out around the area, and――――

 After the screams that echoed through the city at night, the sounds of battle behind him filled the air and soon disappeared leaving only the sound of the goblins laughing.

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  1. He feels like a real person, although if he was like others MC in some way it could be explained by trauma from dying and trying to rationalize it by inmersing himself in the game aspect of his new life


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