Only I know that this world will end – 001

The Beginning of It All.

 ――――I don’t want to die.

 The intense pain that had been attacking his entire body just seconds ago somehow disappeared.

 No, in the first place, he could no longer feel even the sensation of his hand reaching forward.

 His whole body was heavy as if it had been stuffed with lead. He didn’t even know if his crawling body was moving forward anymore. Every time he took a breath, his chest was in agony. Almost as if the air had been laced with poison.

 As he coughed violently, clots of blood came out of his mouth. His airways narrowed with a whistling sound, making it even more difficult to breathe.

 Quite literally, he was dying.

 The light of his life was about to go out.

 And yet, he still desperately reached forward. To live just a little longer――Even just a few seconds longer.

 He desperately crawled in the ground, literally risking his life to get away from that place as quickly as possible.


 He muttered, blood bubbling in the corner of his mouth.

 And then, he turned his unfocused eyes behind him.

 There, he saw his own body, shredded and with the lower half gone, and a bright red line that was left behind as he crawled in the concrete ground. Looking further behind, he could see a monster eating what used to be his lower half, making a disgusting sound as it crunched on his legs.

 That was right in front of his eyes.

 A humanoid monster with a bull’s head, a resident of a world of myths and fantasies―― It was none other than a minotaur.

 Suddenly, the minotaur, which was previously eating both of his legs, turned around.

 At that moment, on the verge of death, their eyes met.

 ――A grin. The minotaur laughed.

 It was both a mocking smile at his impending demise and what seemed to be a delighted smile at the thought of finding the rest of his meal, which it had forgotten due to being so engrossed in eating.

 The minotaur bit down forcefully on both of his legs.

 There was a cracking sound, the sound of bones shattering, and pieces of flesh fell out of its mouth.

 And then, after the minotaur casually wiped its mouth, it moved its huge body, which was over twice the size of a human――――――――

“………………!!!! “

 It was in less than the blink of an eye.

 Before he could process it, the minotaur was already in front of him, spreading its huge mouth open.

 ――――No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! !  don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, Idontwannadie, IDONTWANNADIE, IJONTWANNADIE, IBONTBANNADIE!!

 These words he desperately spat out turned into bubbles of blood.

 His voice barely took shape, his screams failed to catch anyone’s ear, and a sea of blood built up in the quiet residential area.

(I don’t want to d――――)

 And those were the last word that he――Ichijou Akira――had in his mind.()()


 At that moment Akira’s life was cut short. And a sound similar to that of a light bell echoed around his corpse.

 And right after, a series of pale blue screens appeared directly above it, one after the other.


 Current global inversion rate: 0.09%.

 It’s been confirmed that the subject has a high affinity for the inverted world.


 Condition 1…… Cleared.

 Condition 2…… Cleared.

 Condition 3…… Cleared.

 Condition 4…… Cleared.

 ……All conditions have been met.


 The following systems and unique skills will be given to the subject.

 ・Quest System

 ・Trophy System

 ・Unique Skill: Return from Hell


 Unique Skill: Return from Hell activating.


 Ichijou Akira would not learn of the meaning of this screen until a little later.

 However, there was one thing that was clear now.

 And that was the fact that after the screen was displayed, the corpse of Ichijou Akira disappeared without a trace. 

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