Only I know that this world will end – 010

How to use points


“Hmmー…… Even so, I see that a lot of things have changed since my level was raised…… I see that the number in brackets next to the level remains the same. What is this about?)

 There were other things that he didn’t understand.

 The points earned as the level increased. How to use them.

(The screen that came up when I leveled up, said something about assigning points………… How do you do that?)

 As he thought, Akira reached for the letters for points on the screen as if he was probing.

 It was the moment when Akira’s finger touched the screen.

 ――Ding. Suddenly, a light sound echoed and the screen in front of him switched.


 Please select where you would like to allocate the points you have earned.






 ・New skill


“Whoa! “

 Akira’s voice leaked out at the abruptness of the situation.

 Then, his eyes immediately turned to the words on the screen that had changed――――

“Skill!! “

 Involuntarily, Akira’s voice rose at the words on the displayed screen.

“I didn’t think there was such a thing as skills to get with points, since there are unique skills, but I guess there really are……”

 Just as the unique skill of Return from Hell gave you the incredible power to return to the past, acquiring those skills themselves must allow you to acquire other extraordinary powers.

 As long as he did not know what was going on in this world, he would definitely need the help of these skills.

 With this in mind, Akira immediately reached for the skill choice.

(It seems that status values can also be increased by earning trophies, so I guess I’ll just choose skills for now).

 With this in mind, Akira touched the words 『New skill』 at that instant.


 Not enough points.



 The screen switched to a different one, and his breath caught involuntarily.

 After a few seconds or so, the screen with the error message switched back to the screen for selecting where to assign the points.

 Akira touched the 『New skill』 text again, thinking there must have been some mistake, but the result displayed was the same as before. Apparently, two points were not enough to acquire new skills.

“If I can’t do it, don’t display it in the first place! “

 Words of complaint escaped Akira’s mouth with a small sigh.

 But saying that won’t change anything.

 After a few minutes of agonizing over the screen that showed where the points would be allocated, Akira waved his hand and dismissed the screen. No matter how many times he thought about it, he did not feel the need to allocate valuable points, which would only be gained by leveling up, to a stat that could be increased by other means.

“Haa…… What am I supposed to do now?”

 Even if he wanted to leave the area, the outside was full of monsters. Given his current injuries, the risk of going out now was probably greater.

 However, that didn’t mean he could continue to sit around in the company’s service room.

“Seriously…… What shall I do?)

 Akira let out a powerless laugh.

 A throbbing, pulsating pain spread throughout his body as if the adrenaline was no longer able to fool his brain.

 The blood just wouldn’t stop flowing.

 If he remained here, it would only be a matter of time before he would eventually bleed to death.

(If so, then first…… I have, to stop, the bleeding.)

 Akira let out a sluggish breath and stood up, using the wall for support.

 Supporting his unsteady body with a wall, Akira took slow steps out of the service room and into the corridor.

 It was then that he heard a voice from behind him.

“Gihi! “

 ――――He knew.

 Ichijou Akira already knew what that voice was and who it belonged to.


 With a frozen expression, he slowly turned around behind him.

 Then, he saw a goblin jump out from behind the doorway of the service room, wielding a club.

 That was no longer a distance where he could dodge.

 Without even uttering a sound, Akira could only stare at the path of the club being swung at him, dumbfounded.


 The descending club hit Akira in the head and really crushed his skull this time.

“――――ou. ――chijou! Hey, Ichijou! “

 And once again, Ichijou Akira returned from hell.

 To that moment when the world had not yet been destroyed, with everything still fresh in his memory.

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