Only I know that this world will end – 015

Towards a world where monsters appeared


“……I guess that’s about it.”

 Looking at the piles of food, drinking water, and various other supplies he deemed necessary stacked around his desk, Akira let out a few words.

 The time was 3:00 a.m.

 The sirens in the city did not stop blaring, and the public had already been exposed to the existence of the monster and its dangers.

 Perhaps others besides Akira had started to buy up the food since all the food and drinking water disappeared from the surrounding convenience stores and stores that sold food and beverages that were open late at night.

 In terms of public developments, the government has only just recently decided to mobilize the Self-Defense Forces in response to the rapidly increasing number of monster sightings and the extensive damage they are causing in Japan. In the United States, the military, not just the state police, had already been mobilized to contain the situation. There was a lot of optimism on the Internet that since the Self-Defense Forces were mobilized, it would be safe now.

(I bought as much food, water, potential weapons, and daily necessities as I could gather under the current circumstances. The windows are boarded up with wooden boards to prevent goblins from entering the company……)

 Folding his fingers, Akira recalled the preparations he had made.

(If someone else from the company comes in, they’re going to find out about this stuff…… At least, I confirmed last time that no one will come until ten o’clock tomorrow. I’ve already run out of money to withdraw…… But there’s nothing I can do about that at the moment, I guess.)

 Then, there was only one thing left to do.

 As quickly as possible, raise your level. Then, accumulate as many points as possible to acquire new skills.

(……Okay, let’s go.)

 Clenching his fists tightly, Akira whispered to himself in his mind to get himself in high spirits, and then, with his backpack ready on his back, he stepped out into the night.

            ◇ ◇ ◇

 Walking through the city at night, noisy with sirens that never seemed to stop wailing, Akira searched for a monster.

 Just a short walk was enough to see several police cars and ambulances passing by with their sirens blaring.

 The scene was so unusual that one did not need to know that monsters had appeared in the world to know that there was something amiss.

 As Akira was walking along, watching the passing police cars, one of them passed next to him with sirens blaring and suddenly stopped at the end of the road he was going down. Then, the door opened with a clang and two police officers jumped out from inside it.

“Hey, wait! What are you doing, at a time like this?! “

 The first person who approached Akira was a middle-aged police officer who got out of the car.

 The middle-aged police officer walked up to Akira, stopped in front of him, glared at him, and spoke again.

“There is a state of emergency declared right now, so get back to your house! “

“A state of emergency, you say? “

 Akira said, playing dumb.

 Of course, he knew that the world was in turmoil because of the emergence of monsters. But that was something Akira had expected. That is why he gathered as many supplies as he could before the world started acting, and in this way, he wanted to be among the first to exterminate the monsters.

 He probably did not like Akira’s nonchalant attitude.

 A young police officer, who came out after the middle-aged policeman, his voice louder, and said:

“You at least have a smartphone, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t know!! ……Or do you have some nefarious plan to take advantage of this chaos? “

 ……I see. It was a quick interrogation.

 Immediately Akira understood their demand.

 Normally, they would have asked for baggage inspection in a roundabout way, but this was not the usual situation. Even now, from the sound of the sirens, they must have been on their way to some site. Still, the reason they bothered to stop was probably because they found the sight of him wandering around town with a backpack in hand to be rather suspicious.

 Akira let out a small sigh and opened his mouth, raising his hands in a small gesture of innocence.

“I’m not thinking about anything. If you want to check it out, go ahead. There’s nothing suspicious in it.”

 The contents of the backpack were mainly water, food, a first aid kit for use in case of injury, and binoculars, which at a glance did not differ from the contents of a mountaineering backpack.

“Do you have any proof of identity? “

“I don’t have it with me right now. I left my wallet at home.”

“…………What about this knife? “

“It is the knife I use for camping. Right now, I’m going to meet up with some friends for a quick nap, and then we’re going to go to the camping site.”

 With a fluent voice, Akira uttered the appropriate words.

 The two policemen’s faces grew grimmer at these words, but there was nothing to assure them that Akira’s words were false.

 There were several more questions, all of which Akira responded to as he saw fit.

 Suddenly, some monsters appeared in front of Akira and the others.

“Gigii! “

“Gege! “

“Gihiii! “

 A familiar sound. ――Goblins.

 Akira was the first to react to the voice, and his eyes turned sharp as he looked around.

“……One, two, three…………Five of them.”

 Between a dimly lit alley, in the shadow of a car parked in a coin-operated parking lot, and behind the block wall of a nearby house. How long have they been lurking there? The goblins, their eyes squinted with a dirty, murky look and an ugly smile on their mouths, appeared one after the other, letting out a jarring laugh.

 ――This is bad.

 That was Akira’s first impression of the goblins.

 The goblins who appeared in front of Akira and the others all had a weapon in their hands.

 Goblins with clubs were still cute, but some of them were armed with stone axes and other weapons more deadly than clubs, and some of them had kitchen knives in their hands, which clearly made them more dangerous than the last goblin he faced.

(Last time, even against just one of them, it was pretty close. I can’t take on this many…….)

 That’s when Akira let out those words in his mind.


 The screen appeared with a light sound.


 This is the monster that previously defeated you.

 Quest will be generated.


 Class E quest: Goblins   will start.

 The condition for clearing the quest is to defeat the goblins.


 Number of goblins defeated 0/100


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