Moto Sekai Ichi Table of Contents

Moto Sekai Ichi i no sub-chara ikusei nikki ~hai player, isekai wo kouryaku chū!

Alternative:    元・世界1位のサブキャラ育成日記 ~廃プレイヤー、異世界を攻略中!~

                        Diary of the former world’s #1 raising an alt character ~ A former player conquering the other world!



He never performed satisfactorily in either middle nor high school, even after becoming an adult, he never worked. Be it morning, noon or night, he only played an online game. For him, being the world’s numer one rank, playing that online game, was his very life.

One day, his account was hacked and his character deleted. Restoration was impossible. There was nothing that could be done. The number 1 rank that he literally used his life to attain and defend was now lost. Filled with despair, he turned to suicide.

When his eyes opened again, there was the online game. No, the world itself looked similar to the game. He had been reborn as the extra character of the premium avatar he created in the past, but had been left untouched.

The former world’s top, was reborn in a world that looked like that online game. That was the beginning of his extraordinary legend.

A slightly dumb knight, a cat, a dark elf, and so on. Together with several unique companions, his training to regain his “world’s first rank” now begins.


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Table of Contents


001 – A measly despair.

002 – Sub – Character (Alt)

003 – The best world.

Chapter 1: Female Knight Arc

004 – Realistic experience earning – Hidden tricks of the early game.

005 – Decisive differences

006 – Required Skills Part a    Part b

007 – Crisis on the Third Knight’s Order

008 – Ostracized Female Knight Part a    Part b

009 – No no no

010 – Reus Dungeon

011 – Kinkaku Hametarou

Idle Talk – From living hell to heaven LN chapter, Patreon Exclusive

Chapter 2: Magic Academy Arc

012 – Bow of the Blazing Wolf

013 – Operation Deceive Part a    Part b

014 – Royal Magic Academy Part a    Part b

015 – Backbiting boys

016 – Flashback Part a     Part b

017 – That scent

018 – Battle Priest Part 1    Part 2

019 – Next Aim

020 – Magic Tournament Part 1   Part 2

021 – The real deal

022 – A promise with a friend

Idle Talk – The daily life of the Fan Club

Chapter 3: Slave Arc

023 – Limptfert Dungeon

024 – A shield and a magic bow

025 – Searching for a Blacksmith

026 – Yukari’s Origins


027 – People can’t become that strong

028 – Ashaspern’s trap Part 1   Part 2

029 – Quarrel Part 1   Part 2

030 – Convenient Delusion Part 1   Part 2

031 – Everything was overturned Part 1   Part 2

032 – Breaking at the shore and retreating

033 – Coming together

Idle Talk – Back to my parents’ home

Chapter 4: The Great Spirit King Arc

034 – The ‘base relocation’ plan

035 – Hardships Part 1   Part 2

036 – Baku-agebon-bar Part 1   Part 2

037 – It’s not about the first impression Part 1    Part 2

038 – That thing is evil, no matter where you look at it Part 1   Part 2

039 – An Unprecedented Genius Part 1   Part 2

040 – BET part 1   Part 2

041 – Different Positions

042 – Schemings of a Loner Part 1   Part 2

043 – Spirit Possession Part 1   Part 2

044 – Towards the fourth goal Part 1   Part 2

045 – A dog’s misfortue Part 1   Part 2

Idle Talk – Rumors

v3 cover

Chapter 5: The Darkness Wolf Arc

046: Dragon Horse and Dragon King Part 1   Part 2

047: The Difference Is The Beauty Part 1   Part 2

048: Dream House Part 1   Part 2

049: Towards a Solid Preparation Part 1    Part 2

050: The Fourteen Slaves Part 1    Part 2

051: Preparations Completed Part 1   Part 2

052: A Nasty Opponent Part 1   Part 2

053: Fierce Fight in Isoreus Part 1   Part 2

054: What is Madness? Part 1   Part 2

055: Everyone’s Everyday Part 1   Part 2

056: It’s Over If You Run Away, You Idiot Part 1   Part 2

057: Anko Part 1   Part 2

058: Determination (Part One) Part 1   Part 2

059: Determination (Part Two) Part 1   Part 2

Idle Talk – A Maid’s Story Part 1   Part 2

Idle Talk – Teaching A Failure Part 1   Part 2

Chapter 6: The Political Strife Arc

060: About A Good Advisor And A Summon Part 1   Part 2

061: Pawn

062: Mini Social Gathering Part 1   Part 2

063: Communication Part 1   Part 2


064: Middle Finger, Index Finger, Thumb Part 1   Part 2

065: Audience, Decision Part 1   Part 2

066: Royal Court Magicians Part 1   Part 2

067: What Have I Gotten Into? Part 1   Part 2

068: A Way To Fight With Magic Part 1   Part 2

069: Quickening / Fomenting Trouble. Part 1   Part 2

070: Pitiful Elder Brother, Child Yearning For Motherly Love. Part 1   Part 2

071: Relaxation Journey, First Day

072: Relaxation Journey, Second Day

073: Relaxation Journey, Third Day

074: Final Moves

075: Nothing to Lose. No, It’s Almost Unfair

076: Wounded Beast

077: Walk

078: Beacon of Retaliation

079: Nearing Check Mate

080: Fallen Castle Part 1   Part 2

081: A Happy Miscalculation 


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24 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi Table of Contents

  1. However I love this LN and thank you for translating it! Just one thing on the translation when in coversation with Noir and Second. Yeah is not the same as yes. In a situation where respect is being appreciated, yeah is never the appropriate variation of yes.


  2. I like this series and your translations are very good too. I was wondering if I could help you with translating this series if you would please let me I also want to work as a translator so I want to see for starters if I can be of any help to you.


    • I didn’t get what you mean?
      If you speak about the Patreon, that my answer is you don’t have the right to Complain, I mean your aren’t the one who sent his time and effort in this transition, you should be grateful he is ever gave free chapters.
      I mean he is a Homan too and have a really life problem and a family to look after.

      If not and you speak about the WN ( wep novel), than yes, you are right WN is usually free.
      As it’s basically considered a hobby so it’s free to read and take.
      And as it’s a kind of testbed for the story. The authors can see from comments/reviews what people like/dislike about it.

      Unlike the LN ( lite novel ) which is considered a job so you should pay for it and shouldn’t take it without Permission.


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