Moto Sekai Ichi – 114


114 Setting off.


“Who is Framboise I?”

 Silvia raised an obvious question.

 I wondered for a while how to reply, then set on a tentative answer.


“……A man who should’ve been dead.”


 The facial expressions on the trio stiffened.

 It would’ve been easy to say there was no way this was true, but nobody said anything. They must’ve believed me.


 And well, I said a man who should’ve been dead―― But it’s a bit different, it isn’t the man who should be dead and more like that character’s name shouldn’t exist anymore.

 He was there, that faithful day, among the 3,000 players who experienced the same as me.

 If I remember correctly, his world rank was about 200th. He was a Heavy Knight, as muscular as a gorilla, extremely manly, and with a playstyle that pushed raw power above all else. He was a taciturn, mature man who gave the impression he would look good with a cigarette in his mouth. A dandy character that despite not being very popular among women, was quite admired by men.

 And even though he was like that, he always called me ‘senpai’, and would follow me wherever I went. I remember thinking he might be quite younger than his game avatar.


 ……If Fran, by chance, followed the same road as me.

 Could it be that this guy also reincarnated into this world in the form of one of his alt characters……?


“Yukari, call Windfield.”

“As you wish.”

 As I gave instructions, Yukari immediately performed 《Spirit Summoning》 to summon Windfield.

 At times like these, there’s no use in overthinking stuff or worrying needlessly. For now, the first thing to do is understand the true meaning of this letter.


“Hellooo, Second-san, long timeー”

“Yeah, long time no see. Sorry to bother you so suddenly, but for now please read this letter. What do you think?”


 The gray-haired, tall, beautiful woman with hair in a two-block cut looked through the letter in about thirty seconds. She then turned towards me, and with her usual sleepy eyes, slowly opened her mouth.

“Maybe it’s a fake name in order to get past the censors. Wanting to celebrate the triple crown and all that, is fake. However, this nun, Renko. She might be the point of contact.”

“Point of contact?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I think they really want to reach you and want you to contact her.”

 Amazingly enough, my strategist immediately saw through the sender’s purpose.

 Aside from that thing I can’t really explain, there’s one thing that worries me.

“So, you think they really want to see me? If so, then why not come to see me in the first place?”

“I’m sure the other party is in a somewhat tight spot. I think they want you to go see them, or rather, they want your help.”

“A call for help, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s evident. It might be very risky to send this kind of letter right now in that country. It might even be a gamble to set up a point of contact.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“And that’s how it is~.”

 In other words, the sender who is claiming to be Framboise I, is currently at the heart of the Kamelian Church. And in a position that could be endangered if the church gets wind of this letter being sent to me from them. Then I can guess is not a top position as the pope or a cardinal, then maybe a deacon, their servant, a priest, or maybe even……?

 ……Well, I’ll know when I see them. That leaves me with just one course of action.

“You were a huge help, Windfield. For the time being, I’ll try to get in contact with this Renko girl.”

“Anything for you.”

 After expressing my gratitude, Windfield prepared to leave, hands waving fluttering, and a sleepy expression on her face. Then, at the last moment before Yukari Unsummoned her, Windfield glanced at her, then winked at me and threw me a kiss. Wow, that kind of thing looked rather exciting……


“Second, you are going out?”

“Yeah, but it’s already night now, so maybe tomorrow morning.”

“Isn’t it important? Don’t worry about us and just go.”


 Silvia and Eko said this, but I think deep down they didn’t really want me to go. Their smiles were tinged with sadness.

 Having finished my promises with Muratti and the Mix sisters, I was planning on teaching them the standard moves of the game plan starting tomorrow. These girls must still have fresh in their minds the regrets of their title battles, so they might be having a hard time just sitting still. Despite that, they cared and were smiling at me.()

 ……Alright, let’s come back as soon as possible. Nodding to myself, I made up my mind.

“Sorry. I’ll move up my schedule and finish the investigation of the Sacred Country of Kamel first. Let’s get on with the special training after that.”

“Umu. In the meantime, we’ll do some self-training. I don’t think it would hurt to get more practice on the basics, right?”

“Only good things.”

“I’ll do that then. Afterward, let’s see, I think it will be good to go to the dungeon as a breather.”

“I’m coming too!”

“Ohh, so you’re on board too, Eko? Alright, let’s go tomorrow then.”

 I take back my previous comment. It seems these two would get stronger and stronger on their own, even if I leave them on their own. They’re filled with motivation. It might be okay even if I don’t come home for a while.

“Please leave everything to me while you’re away.”

“Yeah, I’ll be counting on you.”

 Yukari too is very reliable. With this, I can leave the house with a piece of mind. Still, whenever I’m away, I always leave the house matters to her, so it could be said it’s business as usual.

 ……Wait a moment. Could it be that even if I’m not here, House Firstest will keep on working without any problem……?


“I will go get dinner ready.”

 The sun set while I had an existential crisis due to my unnecessary uselessness brought by Yukari’s extraordinary excellence.

 The evening meal consisted of fried oysters, marinated blue-back fish roasted, yam salad, rolled omelet, and miso soup with clams.

 When I glanced at Yukari, she was staring intently at me with an eager gaze, the tip of her ears slightly reddish. I see, it seems I’ll be having a learning session this night. All the dishes lined up in front of me are foods that make one ‘more energetic’.


 In the end, I couldn’t get even a wink of sleep. It feels great to be wanted, but let me tell you, it is tiring.






“Have a safe trip, Master.”

“Be careful. Although I feel that might be an unnecessary worry.”

“A saafe tripー……”

 Next morning.

 Three girls were seeing me off: Yukari, with her radiant skin; Silvia, with her refreshing smile; and Eko, who was still half asleep.


 As I walked out the front door, Cubero and Besaid were waiting for me, sitting on the ground with their knees folded and legs spread, their fists were on the ground while their heads remained bowed.

“I would like to ask for your assistance in the matter of the young mistress, please.”

“Please! We’d greatly appreciate it!!”

 By ‘young mistress’ they must be referring to the daughter of the now-deceased leader of the R6, Rimusuma, the girl named Rei, who apparently had crossed over to the Sacred Country of Kamel during the bandit suppression operation.

 It’s currently unknown whether she’s alive or dead. And the only clue so far is her name, but that alone isn’t very helpful in itself since if she’s alive, she must be living under a false name.

“I can’t promise I’ll bring her back, but I’ll do as much as I can to investigate. Can you tell me any of her characteristics?”

 As expected, with these few clues, I had to ask for more.

“We greatly appreciate your intention. Her name is Rei, she’s 17 years old and about 165 cm tall, she has long black hair that’s dyed brown and likes to wear bright red lipstick.”

“She often rebelled against the boss and ran away from the house, the youngers that chased after her were often shut up and beaten by an iron fist. She was stronger than most men and had a strong spirit too.”

“The young mistress was an honest person, not part of the group. But maybe because she grew up with us bandits from an early age, she developed that kind of…… temperament.”

“She was very strict with men, or rather, she had a kind of man-hating temperament. The boss and I were often yelled at.”

 I understand. I now have a vague image of what they mean. I’m sure this Rei person is the kind of ‘leader of a gang of delinquent girls’ girl. Surely, I bet she even refers to herself with ‘atai’ instead of ‘watashi’.


“Alright, I get it. Leave it to me.”

 I nodded to the pair who was still bowing down on the ground, then called for Anko using 《Monster Summoning》.

 Time to set off. Thus, I asked her to use 《Darkness Transfer》 and 《Darkness Summon》.

“Anko. It’s just gonna be you and me for a while.”

“Ohh, my! My Lord, Anko is so very happy!”

“Let’s not waste time and transfer right away, ok?”

“Yeah, as you will! Where should we go?”

 Anko leaned closer while wagging her tail and asked me the destination.

 The place in question is the closest point to the Sacred Country of Kamel at this moment.

“Onwards, to the shadow of Margrave Steam.”

“As you wish.”

 Anko can transfer to any shadow she remembers. Even if that shadow belongs to a person.

 The shadow of Margrave Steam Bitter-Valley, who resides in a fort near the border with the Sacred Country of Kamel, was considered the most appropriate location among the many shadows that Anko currently remembers.



“――Hey. Long time no see.”


 And so, we transferred.


 Margrave Steam was in his office at the fort.

 When he saw Anko and I appear so suddenly, his eyes opened wide with surprise. Then after a few moments, his mouth opened letting out a heavy sigh.

“What would you have done if I was in the middle of something more private, say, masturbating?”

“That would honestly be your fault for doing it in your office.”

“I guess I can’t beat that soundless argument, Lord Second.”

 As expected of a man who rose to the rank of Margrave at the young age of 33. He was already at ease after exchanging a couple of words.

“So, what do you want from me now?”

“No, nothing. I’m on my way to Kamel, so I just stopped by.”

“……Are you serious? You truly are an odd person.”

“I’m just doing what I can.”

“That was not praise. If I were to praise you, it would be me congratulating you on winning a triple crown.”

“Thanks. And for the flower wreath too.”

“Not a problem. I very much appreciate your thanks.”

 Margrave Steam continued, saying he still had to repay the favor soon enough.

 He said the world would end if the favor of driving away 14,000 soldiers from the Sacred Country was returned with a simple congratulatory flower.


“……Let’s say in the unlikely event, by some chance, that perhaps, the worst-case scenario, I ask you to repay that favor.”

“That’s the thing I hate the most. I have to worry about it all the time in my daily life. It’s always in my mind, be it at work, while eating, or while doing my usual stuff, always. It’s nerve-wracking.”

“I’m sorry. Still, could you be prepared to do something crazy for me just once?”

 If this trip ends up having a large impact on the entire Sacred Country of Kamel, the worst-case scenario would be that it could turn into a full-scale war between the Kingdom and the Sacred Country. In that case, the Margrave would be the first person to be called to take action. So, in order to prevent that situation, I want him to make the quick and reckless decision to move an army of about ten thousand troops.

 That’s why I laid my cards and played the ‘you owe me’ card. Steam, no matter how much he hated it, had no choice but to nod.

 However, he laughed and replied with a look of amusement and a relaxed expression.


“I’ve been prepared for something crazy since that night.”


 I knew it, this guy is interesting……Those thoughts came to my mind once again.

 This time I didn’t say ‘thank you’ but rather ‘see you again’, and left his office with Anko in tow.


 And thus, I took the first step.

 Towards that religious nation that was nothing short of a prison.



Thank you for reading.



Cheat sheet

Stats details

<Status Details>

  • HP Hit Points
  • MP Magic Points
  • SP Stamina Points
  • STR Short range attack skill power, strength, physical power.
  • DEX Long range attack skill power, dexterity, hit rate.
  • AGI Quickness, avoidance rate.
  • INT Attack Magic skill power.
  • LUK Good luck, critical rate.
  • VIT Simple defense.
  • MGR Magic defense.
Types of combat skills

Named after shogi pieces (The word in bold is the one being used in this translation). From easier to acquire to harder.

  1. Pawn/Soldier (Fuhyou)
  2. Lance(Kyousha)
  3. Knight (Keima)
  4. Silver General (Ginshou)
  5. Gold General (Kinshou)
  6. Bishop (Kakugyou)
  7. Rook (Hisha)
  8. Promoted Bishop/Dragon Horse(Ryuuma)
  9. Promoted Rook/Dragon King (Ryuuou).
List of Swordsmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Swordsmanship》                   Normal attack.
  2. 《Lance Swordsmanship》                     Piercing attack.
  3. 《Knight Swordsmanship》                    Precision attack.
  4. 《Silver Swordsmanship》                      Strong single-target attack.
  5. 《Gold Swordsmanship》                           Small-range attack to all directions.
  6. 《Bishop Swordsmanship》                      Quick and powerful piercing attack
  7. 《Rook Swordsmanship》                       Rush piercing attack
  8. 《Dragon Horse Swordsmanship》   Powerful ranged attack in all directions
  9. 《Dragon King Swordsmanship》        Most powerful range attack, takes time to prepare
List of Shieldmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Shieldmanship》                   Normal defense.
  2. 《Lance Shieldmanship》                     Piercing deflection.
  3. 《Knight Shieldmanship》                    Defense + knockback.
  4. 《Silver Shieldmanship》                      Defense +chance to parry
  5. 《Gold Shieldmanship》                           Ranged guided defense + knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Shieldmanship》                       Reinforced defense (Temporarily boosts VIT and MGR)
  7. 《Rook Shieldmanship》                       Rush attack
  8. 《Dragon Horse Shieldmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Shieldmanship》        Powerful shield attack, takes time to prepare
List of Archery skills


  1. 《Soldier Archery》                   Normal range attack.
  2. 《Lance Archery》                     Piercing range attack.
  3. 《Knight Archery》                    Precise sniping range attack.
  4. 《Silver Archery》                      Strong single-target range attack.
  5. 《Gold Archery》                           Weaker range attack with added knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Archery》                       Strong piercing range attack.
  7. 《Rook Archery》                       Very strong single-target range attack with scaling % damage.
  8. 《Dragon Horse Archery》     Powerful Area of Effect piercing range attack.
  9. 《Dragon King Archery》        Powerful on-impact range attack, takes time to prepare
Types of Magic skills

They use the “Form” or “step” system of martial arts. From lower to higher.

  1. First Form              Regular attack
  2. Second Form         Extended range attack
  3. Third Form            Strong single target attack
  4. Fourth Form          Strong extended range attack
  5. Fifth Form              Extremely powerful extended range attack
  • Their cast time becomes longer in this order First→Third→Second→Fourth→Fifth.
Ranking of the skills

From lower to higher, then it changes to the “Dan” system of martial arts, which means Grade.

  1. 16th class
  2. 15th class
  3. 14th class
  4. 13th class
  5. 12h class
  6. 11th class
  7. 10th class
  8. 9th class
  9. 8th class
  10. 7th class
  11. 6th class
  12. 5th class
  13. 4th class
  14. 3rd class
  15. 2nd class
  16. 1st class
  17. Grade 1
  18. Grade 2
  19. Grade 3
  20. Grade 4
  21. Grade 5
  22. Grade 6
  23. Grade 7
  24. Grade 8
  25. Grade 9
  26. Title

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