Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 26

Alright! We’re finally at the end of volume one of the LN.

Yeah, you heard it right, the LV volume 1 ends in this chapter. This means no more pretty pictures until volume 2 is released, which should be in the second half of this year if my math is correct.

I’ll buy it when it’s out.

I dont usually read ahead, but I went to check some reviews of this novel, and many said the “Political Strife Arc” is the best one so far, therefore I have high hopes, since that arc is at the latter part of the novel.

Anyway, I really appreciate all your support, and the support from all my patreons. You can support me and read ahead ALL the unedited chapters on patreon. And if you cant support me like that, dont worry, whenever patreon gets quite ahead of the blog, I’ll do mass releases. One of those should come later this month, similar to the one I did for my birthday, although maybe not that many chapters.

Enjoy the chapter!

TL: Kari

ED: Shoust00

Chapter 26




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