Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 96

Why no updates in a while? Two reasons. First and most important one, I was so sick I felt like I almost died (yeah, I got sick again) and second and mostly petty reason, I sent a request to NU for the chapters to be linked to the post instead of the page. ALL novel updates links link to the posts, where I rant a little, or say something if I have something to say, but someone also submitted a request to link each chapter to the respective page instead of the post, and NU used that link. I get it, you hate this thing, but if you use the Table of contents, every link there links to the chapter’s page, with nothing in it but the chapter itself, and every next and previous button links to the chapters, so, the only way to see the posts is to click on the NU link, which someone fucked up, so I got mad.

If you hate these little rants, just bookmark the Table of contents and from there you can navigate to each and every chapter without having to read about my life.

Enjoy the chapter, I know you will! This is a good one.

Chapter 96

Ohh, also, we’re most likely back to a regular schedule, releases every monday.


17 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 96

  1. I love reading words from the translators. Feels like there’s someone alive that translates the novel I’m reading, and not just a machine that just spat out a translated wall of text.


  2. I think the issue stems more from the batch pages where even clicking from the table of contents or the next chapter button still navigates the user back to the personal message post rather than continuing the flow (example being chapter 36 to 37)


  3. Tbh, for me I read ur nagging bout ur life, and I was somewhat concerned when u disappeared and the last rant was about you being in the hospital, Glad ur feeling better, hope u stay healthy 🙂


  4. Nah..just glad to read your rants and updates.. that’ll let us know that you’re okay..take good care of yourself..and thanks for the updates..your translation is always the from Malaysia avid reader..


  5. Kari you are back !! I was totally worried something had happened to you and happy you are safe. Honestly when I read your blog about how and why you started translating it was really inspirational. Also you are like the only person translating the Moto Sekai Ichi’i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki and your translations are amazing. Happy to know you have recovered and are healthy again. I messaged on discord but I never heard back so I was worried if you were alright


  6. I get that you were sick but as a previous patreon, it was disappointing to see already translated chapters only released months later. An updated would have been nice.
    Also NU is very inconsistent with where the links go to, some novels go straight to page some go to posts (like yours).


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