Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 10

One thing I like to do when coming up with a name is doing a little research.

I got nothing against using the reading of said name, but I feel like that’s not what the author intended it to be.

For example, (and a very bad example at it) is Silvia, her name is Shirubia, but I wont go with the romaji because there’s a better name to use.

Anyway, that’s what I always do when it comes to a name, search. Uraado becomes Vlad, Riisha becomes Liscia, Rakkueru becomes Lacquell. And so, similarly, Roisu becomes Reus.

I take the “setting” of the names, be it european, asian, etc, and use the match for the name in the story.

Anyway, aside from that, I found myself an editor! Yay!

So there wont be any more terrible errors!

Please welcome Shoust00!

*pachi pachi pachi*


Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 10

TL: Kari

ED: Shoust00


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