Moto Sekai Ichi – 075

75 Nothing to Lose. No, It’s Almost Unfair.



“Djarum! You still don’t have information on that man!? ”


The Prime Minister, Val Morrow yelled loudly as he called the Third Knight Order captain, Djarum, into his office.


“P-Please wait a little longer……! ”


Djarum bowed down his head deeply.

However, currently, he was having a hard time collecting information about Second.


“What about that ‘dog’!? Didn’t you say you planted one of your dogs with him?”

“It took some time tampering the official documents, yes……if you could give me a bit more time.”

“Do it faster, this takes priority. Even if the suspicions are over, as long as that man is part of the Royal Court Magician Division, we’ll know no peace.”



Although he had received an investigation report from one of his subordinates saying “It seems that the dog switched sides”, Djarum simply couldn’t admit this right now, so he only lowered his head while his cold sweat dripped.


I have to do something――This was no longer a situation where he could choose his means.


After leaving that room, Djarum went back to his office and gave some mysterious instructions to a subordinate.


“Call ‘Tender’.”


This was the pseudonym of the head of the so-called “dark side” of the knight order. It wasn’t difficult to imagine why he was called so since he was a man presiding over the ‘shadows’ of the Third Knight Order.


“It’s a shame…… for that little girl……! ”


His clenched fist smashed on the desk.


If this is how you’re gonna play―― Djarum was furious, yet his face smiled with a wicked grin.


“If you’ve turned to the other side, then I’ll have to take advantage of you.”








“What, an idiot. To be, caught, just like this.”


Shortly after the tender received his instructions from Djarum, he began investigating Silvia Virginia.


The tender suspected that Silvia had done something to the documents about Second’s arrest, so to check those documents, he made his move after Silvia had left.


……All without knowing this was a trap.


“You’re someone from the ‘dark side’, right? And also, in quite a high position at that. Can it be, by chance, you’re the top? ”



The man captured by the skilled group in house Firstest called the 『Yve Squad』was actually that ‘tender’.


Why was the leader of the dark side of the knights moving in person? There were many reasons for this. To have the ability to not mess up the job, to know the details good enough to understand the contents of the documents on the spot, and be a person capable enough to easily act on their own. Only the tender could satisfy all these points. And above all, Windfield knew there was a reason why he had to do so.


“Careless, weren’t you? And maybe negligence. At least, I wish you’ve used, a subordinate besides yourself.”



Windfield said with a smile. Surrounded by several masked maids wearing all black, Tender remained silent.


“Just kidding. I, know. Second-san, Silvia-san, Besaid-san, they’re all on guard, against your subordinates.”



At last, Tender reacted if only a little.


For Windfield, it was really easy to understand Tender’s face. If one could add subtitles, it would be something like this. “Was all of this your doing!? “, sort of.


“Indeed. Yes, in order to bring you out, I had Second-san join the First Royal Court Magician Division and do some military exercises, I made Silvia-san return to her parents’ home, and had Besaid-san speak out in public. And like that, the ‘dark side’, would have to devote, some personnel to those places.”

“……! ”


He made a surprised face as if saying, “Can you read my mind!? ”


Windfield didn’t deny those thoughts, and while gently smiling, she opened her mouth.


“Ahh, by the way, I don’t think you’ll be able to assassinate Besaid-san. He has this ‘ridiculous shield’ next to him.”


That slight sliver of hope of his was shattered.


“I’m looking forward, to tonight.”



It’d be meaningless to torture me. Tender’s eyes said so.


“I never said I would, right? ”


Just after saying that phrase, Windfield laughed with a ‘Fufufu’ and left.

It was only at night, that Tender understood the meaning of those words.




* * *




“Second-saaan. It’s your tuuurn.”


As soon as I returned from my job as a lecturer, Windfield came and casually approached me.

It seems like Silvia’s bait operation was a success. Then that means……


“It’s finally time for the Brainwashing? ”



It’s time for the long-awaited 《Brainwashing Magic》!

I couldn’t contain my excitement since I’ll be using this 【Magic】 for the first time, so I headed to the basement of the servants’ mansion while skipping, together with Windfield.


There I found an untidy 30-something-year-old, tied up old man, rolling around and surrounded by maids. What a poor thing. Well, it doesn’t seem like he’s into that sort of thing.


“Let’s be done with this quickly.  “Then, as we spoke before, if you could.”



I answered like some sort of delinquent and then approached the old man.

Crouching down, I rested my fingertips on his forehead.


I already know how to use it. I just have to touch the other person’s face, think about what I want to brainwash about, and then activate the 《Brainwashing Magic》.



“――!! ”


The old man had an expression of being taken aback.


……It succeeded. Probably.

It really was a bit too fast.


I took off his gag and then asked him a question.


“Who are you? ”

“Third Knight Order’s ninth commanding officer, Tender. My real name is Rednet. I work behind the scenes as the commander of the assassination unit under Djarum and the Third Knight Order.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Terrible. The floor is cold, and the ropes are too tight.”

“Is that so? I’ll say this now, I won’t allow you to commit suicide.”

“Yes, I’m aware.”


The content of the brainwashing was complete obedience. I made sure to put myself above everything else in his thoughts.


After Tender’s ropes were untied and he was freed, he crawled and bowed down. A surprised voice leaked from the surrounding maids.


“A success, I see. Second-san, give him the order.”


Since this was way too easy, I, for a moment thought this was some sort of deceiving play, but since Windfield said it was a success, I guess it is. I then gave him ordered with peace of mind.


“Do you know the person who had tampered with the official documents? ”

“Yes. There are two of them.”

“Catch the most important of the two, and bring him back here alive. Also, bring the original documents.”



We then went out of the basement. Tender bowed to me and immediately ran, vanishing into the darkness of the night.


……It’s almost unfair, this 《Brainwashing Magic》. Even with the limited number of uses, it’s way too powerful.


It would be terrible if someone did something like this to me. Specifically, if Silvia was to be brainwashed, she could assassinate me. I don’t think I’d have to worry about Eko and Yukari due to the difference in our stats, but with Silvia’s 【Archery】, she could suddenly snipe me and that would be it.


“It’s, alright. I won’t let, that happen.”


Windfield words implied this worry was visible in my face. You know, this isn’t reassuring.


“Now, it’s time to, go get the Vinz Newspaper.”

“Ahh, in that case, let us……”

“No, it’s fine, I’ll go.”


Windfield gave a simple refusal to the words of the maids. And then, she moved her gaze to me. I see. Guessing her intentions, I opened my mouth.


“I’m sure you’re tired of keeping guard today. Get some proper rest.”

“Y-Yes. Thank you very much, Master.”


All the maids bowed down to me with a happy look on their faces and broke ranks.


Looks like Windfield would make a great wife, always supporting her husband. On the other side, I don’t think anybody could hide anything from her.



“It’s okay, my beloved one.”


With a kiss on my cheek, she left like the wind.



I always thought she wasn’t interested in me…… But, ‘my beloved one’?




She called me ‘my beloved one!!







“I’ve caught him.”

“This quick!? ”


Early in the next morning.

Tender brought an old man in the late half of his forties. Just like Tender yesterday, the old man was tightly tied up, and some tears could be seen in his eyes as he trembled slightly.


“And the original documents are here.”

“You brought that too……?”


He was quite quick on this job. Probably, the people on their side thought that he would never betray them. Therefore, things were able to proceed this smoothly. Let me say it once again, this cheaty 《Brainwashing Magic》 is frightening.


“Ahh. So soon, huh? Me too, I just finished. I wonder if it’d be in time, for the evening edition? ”


Windfield also came back with timing as if she had been expecting this.

I then decided to ask Tender some questions.


“Who’s this old man? ”

“The director of the Royal Archives.”


Are you serious? The corruption runs deep……



“Then, shall we do it to this person, too? Then, let’s take these two, and bring them to Minister Hairai.”

“We’ll make them confess, right? ”

“Yeah. It feels like, it’s finally the end, right?”

“Are you coming too? ”

“No, there’s something, I’m a bit concerned about.”


I wonder what’s bothering her? Ahh, I’m sure a lot of terrible things have been going on behind the scenes because of this stupid political fact-checking.


“Isn’t everything clear already? ”

“Yeah. Sorry. ”

“You don’t have to apologize. I was just wondering if there was something that even you didn’t know.”

“Indeed. I think there are a lot of things I don’t know. ”


I think her feeling of not understanding was further increased by this remark of mine.



“Master. I prepared a chair, so if you would.”

“Ohh. Thanks.”


I moved in front of the director, guided by Yukari. He totally looks like a small frightened animal.


“Windfield. It looked like you and Master had a nice atmosphere going around you, huh? ”

“Whoa, M-Master, what a coincidence. To meet you at this place.”

“Wait. You, could it be……?”


This is bad. It seems that she noticed I was a bit flustered by Windfield. As expected of Yukari, she’s sharp to an excess. However, it’s Windfield we’re talking about, and she’s skillful in talking――


“W-Well then. I think, I should go, do some investigation. ”


Now you’re useless!?


“…………We’ll have a talk after you’re back.”


Yukari saw off Windfield in a freezing voice that felt as if it lowered the room’s temperature a few degrees.


This made the director tremble more.


However, unlike with Silvia, it seems Yukari is angry at the other person rather than at me.



“Alright. I guess I should also get to work with my brainwashing……”


I then tried to my fingertips on the director’s forehead……but since he was all sweaty and sticky, I didn’t feel like it. How about his nose…… nope, it’s too greasy too, I don’t really like it. Ahh, that’s right, the jaw is fine. With my fingers on his jaw, I proceeded to use 《Brainwashing Magic》――



“H-Hey……What weird thing are you trying to do…… and to a tied up old man……? ”



Chérie, who had just gotten up with perfect timing, came to the living room and made a terrible misunderstanding.


It took me an hour of excuses to finally convince her to leave and finished applying 《Brainwashing Magic》 to the director.




* * *




“Fuu. Ohh, Master, it looks like you’re as jealous as ever……”


Windfield, who had run away from Yukari’s cold gaze, was taking a breath behind the shrubbery near the front entrance. Why did she decide to hide there? Well, as expected of their master-servant relation, she knew Yukari all too well.


“Tch……Did she escape?”



Yukari, having come out to follow after Windfield, returned to the front door while clicking her tongue. When she said “We’ll have a talk after you’re back”, she was lying to have Windfield let her guard down, and when Second wasn’t looking, she came out after her. This was something typical of Yukari.


The psychological warfare between these two women was so fierce and daily, that it was hard to imagine they were actually in a master-spirit relationship.


“Well then. What should I do?”


Windfield tried to turn her feet towards the capital, while at the same time thinking in parallel about how to investigate that darkness in the kingdom and how to wrap up this issue with Yukari after coming back.


At that moment, a carriage approached. It stopped in front of the mansion and two people descended. The butler, Cubero, and the stable master, Jast.


If she were to right now jump out from the bushes, she could be seen as playing a prank on them and scaring them. After thinking so, Windfield decided to sneakily leave from the back, and so, she turned right.



……But she suddenly stopped, hearing the unexpected conversation between the two.


“Still, I’m worried about Sovra-niichan’s condition. He looked bad.”

“Yeah, I’m worried too. And even if he says he’s just a bit sick, it feels somewhat strange.”

“Why don’t we try and consult with Second-sama? ”

“But, with Sovra refusing this much……”

“You worry about what he says, huh? ”

“I don’t want to think about that. However, is it alright to not think about what to do in the case of an emergency? After all, let’s consult it with S――」




She appeared in front of them and called out.

She was no longer thinking about if she would surprise them.


“Tell me the details on that story.”


Her demanding face had a very unusual grim expression.


Thank you for reading.


Cheat sheet

Stats details

<Status Details>

  • HP Hit Points
  • MP Magic Points
  • SP Stamina Points
  • STR Short range attack skill power, strength, physical power.
  • DEX Long range attack skill power, dexterity, hit rate.
  • AGI Quickness, avoidance rate.
  • INT Attack Magic skill power.
  • LUK Good luck, critical rate.
  • VIT Simple defense.
  • MGR Magic defense.
Types of combat skills

Named after shogi pieces (The word in bold is the one being used in this translation). From easier to acquire to harder.

  1. Pawn/Soldier (Fuhyou)
  2. Lance(Kyousha)
  3. Knight (Keima)
  4. Silver General (Ginshou)
  5. Gold General (Kinshou)
  6. Bishop (Kakugyou)
  7. Rook (Hisha)
  8. Promoted Bishop/Dragon Horse(Ryuuma)
  9. Promoted Rook/Dragon King (Ryuuou).
List of Swordsmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Swordsmanship》                   Normal attack.
  2. 《Lance Swordsmanship》                     Piercing attack.
  3. 《Knight Swordsmanship》                    Precision attack.
  4. 《Silver Swordsmanship》                      Strong single-target attack.
  5. 《Gold Swordsmanship》                           Small-range attack to all directions.
  6. 《Bishop Swordsmanship》                       ???
  7. 《Rook Swordsmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Swordsmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Swordsmanship》        ???
List of Shieldmanship skills


  1. 《Soldier Shieldmanship》                   Normal defense.
  2. 《Lance Shieldmanship》                     Piercing deflection.
  3. 《Knight Shieldmanship》                    Defense + knockback.
  4. 《Silver Shieldmanship》                      ???
  5. 《Gold Shieldmanship》                           Ranged guided defense + knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Shieldmanship》                       Reinforced defense (Temporarily boosts VIT and MGR)
  7. 《Rook Shieldmanship》                       ???
  8. 《Dragon Horse Shieldmanship》     ???
  9. 《Dragon King Shieldmanship》        ???
List of Archery skills


  1. 《Soldier Archery》                   Normal range attack.
  2. 《Lance Archery》                     Piercing range attack.
  3. 《Knight Archery》                    Precise sniping range attack.
  4. 《Silver Archery》                      Strong single-target range attack.
  5. 《Gold Archery》                           Weaker range attack with added knockback.
  6. 《Bishop Archery》                       Strong piercing range attack.
  7. 《Rook Archery》                       Very strong single-target range attack with scaling % damage.
  8. 《Dragon Horse Archery》     Powerful piercing range attack.
  9. 《Dragon King Archery》        Powerful on-impact range attack.
Types of Magic skills

They use the “Form” or “step” system of martial arts. From lower to higher.

  1. First Form              Regular attack
  2. Second Form         Extended range attack
  3. Third Form            Strong single target attack
  4. Fourth Form          Strong extended range attack
  5. Fifth Form              Extremely powerful extended range attack
  • Their cast time becomes longer in this order First→Third→Second→Fourth→Fifth.
Ranking of the skills

From lower to higher, then it changes to the “Dan” system of martial arts, which means Grade.

  1. 16th class
  2. 15th class
  3. 14th class
  4. 13th class
  5. 12h class
  6. 11th class
  7. 10th class
  8. 9th class
  9. 8th class
  10. 7th class
  11. 6th class
  12. 5th class
  13. 4th class
  14. 3rd class
  15. 2nd class
  16. 1st class
  17. Grade 1
  18. Grade 2
  19. Grade 3
  20. Grade 4
  21. Grade 5
  22. Grade 6
  23. Grade 7
  24. Grade 8
  25. Grade 9
  26. Title

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