Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 41

I wanted to split this chapter but there wasnt any good place to do so. Therefore, it’s full in one post.

Why do I split them? The main reason, in 1 part it counts as 1 chapter in NU for release frequency, and in 2 parts it counts as two chapters, therefore bringing the rank up a bit since people click on two links.

Chinese novel chapters are 1/2 to 1/3 of this novel’s lenght, so I do it to try to bring this novel a bit up in the rankings.

Still, since people said they wanted whole chapters instead of parts, I now post the chapter when it’s as a whole.

If you dont like it being two post for some chapters, I can always just go back at posting a part every couple days.


Enjoy the chapter!

TL: Kari

ED: Shoust00

Chapter 41




6 thoughts on “Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 41

  1. Wow. Thank you for the release.
    I think that’s a good strategy. I don’t feel any inconvenience reading split chapter like before, probably because mainly I read on PC. I don’t know about the other (mobile) reader though as I rarely read on mobile device.


  2. I don’t understand much of the rank up stuff, actually pretty much anything technology, I always thought it was easier for you. I have read translators that have done both and seen many others that do one of them. I always thought that the translator decided on what worked better for them, whether it was time constraints or other factors. I say just keep doing what you think is best.

    I read on a PC and I have a flip phone, so yea…


  3. Don’t mind it, you’re the one translating and doing the hard work, while we just read the finished product, in a matter of fact, even if you post it in 4 parts, we don’t have the right to say anything about that, of course the Patrons and Donators can complain, but I don’t think you do this even to the Patrons, and when the Donators ask, you give a full chapter, but the rest of us can’t say anything about that


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