It’s my birthday!!!! (Batch release)

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS A day like today, many many years ago, Kari was born! Translating happened quite recently, about a year and a half ago is when I started. And never in my wildest dreams the me from a few years ago would have thought that I'd be translating novels right … Continue reading It’s my birthday!!!! (Batch release)


Real talk.

Hi everyone. As you might've noticed, I've been slowing down quite a bit since this year started. I wanted to talk about that. Actually, I don't want to talk about that, but I was told that doing this would be a good thing, so here I am. For all the new people, Hi! My name … Continue reading Real talk.


Not sure how many of you will read this, but still. There's something wrong with my computer. Long story short, it doesn't turn on. That's why there hasn't been updates these past couple days. But worry not, a friend is going to let me borrow his old computer. Ever since I told him that I … Continue reading Update


Rant incoming (And announcement, I guess?)   I don't want to be a mediocre translator. What I mean by that is. In the fan translation community there are good and bad translators, bad translators might be bad due to skill in the language, or size of vocabulary. But those are different from mediocre translators. By … Continue reading Delays