2019 update – February

Hi guys!

It really feels like a long time. As you might’ve noticed in the last post, I took juanuary off.

There were many things to take care, both in my store and in my home so I decided to use this month to do that.

I updated the schedule, and will be updating it for every month. The reason is, it’s been a month since I translated so I might feel a little rusty, and it also serves as a monthly goal while taking into account the plans I might have for that month. That way I feel it gives me more control and less “I couldnt deliver this week” scenarios.

The real schedule remains pretty much the same as the last one except 1 less weekly chapter of HSV. TnM remains at 4 this month.

Also there’s 1 thing I noticed while I was checking this month’s stats. The most viewed page was Motto Sekai Ichi i no sub-chara ikusei nikki, which kinda surprised me, since it’s an almost blank page of an incoming translation I’m planning.

My guess is the manga came out or something like that. Anyway, that means I need to pick up my pace and get back to my old release speed as soon as possible.

Any comments?

That’s all I got to say. Thanks for your support and I’m back!!!

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I removed the ads since they pretty much gave no revenue and it just bothered you guys.


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