Not sure how many of you will read this, but still.

There’s something wrong with my computer. Long story short, it doesn’t turn on. That’s why there hasn’t been updates these past couple days. But worry not, a friend is going to let me borrow his old computer.

Ever since I told him that I wanted to have a couple computers in my store to rent them to students or people who needed to do some work (yeah, people have been asking me about that ever since I opened my store), he told me that he could lend me his old pc, but I honestly didn’t want to take up on his offer since he didn’t want anything in return.

But well… I already asked him and he told me he just needed a day to get it ready. Later today I’ll go receive it.

Also, I’m not asking for anything (maybe a little patience). Today or tomorrow I’ll resume the translations, unless something goes horribly wrong, but let’s pray that’s not the case.

P.s. I’m not that good to translate in my phone, even typing this is hard enough with the broken and unresponsive touchscreen. And my Japanese isn’t that great to do this without a dictionary.

Anyway, that’s all. Give me a day or two and everything should be back on track.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yep, I hate to write anything in a Smartphone, with my big fat fingers is not comfortable :b
    Por cierto, aunque ya no es común los cortes de luz o voltaje inestable (Por lo menos aquí en Toluca la bella), siempre es bueno tener un regulador de voltaje (o no-break) para la computadora. Y no son demasiado costosos, arriba de 350 pesos, mejor reemplazar un regulador que una computadora.


  2. If it’s within your budget, $600 can get you an decent PC though, you’ll have to build it yourself. It might not even cost that much if you salvage your current “broken” down PC.


  3. “Doesn’t turn on” usually means the power supply died or the cable to the motherboard needs reseating. Worst case is the motherboard friend at the power connection. Though, a burnt plug would indicate that


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