Site down and stuff.

The website at universalnovels is currently down, it’s been over 12 hours and despite some efforts to fix it, it still remains the same.

So, I’ll be using this site, my former site, again. I already posted all the chapters here, and fixed the ones that linked to the other site, but I think I missed some here and there, so I’ll appreciate if you let me know when you find a broken link.

Also, I invite you to read the new novel I decided to pick, Mistaken for the Demon King.

No  schedule planned yet for that one, so it will be random releases for now.

Nothing’s changed on the release schedule of High Spec Village. Well, just that I’m not sure i’ll finish chapter 13 today, with the issues of the site going.

Edit: Fixed the ToC pages for High Spec Village and Mistaken for the Demon King.

Edit 2: I still need to get the NU links fixed and contact an admin to remove the duplicated entries. No admin online atm tho 😦

Edit 3: NU links have been fixed, duplicates have been removed, everything links to here now. If you find something weird, let me know.


4 thoughts on “Site down and stuff.

        • Currently is up for grabs, I can supply the raws I was using if some translator wants to take it. If nobody grabs it after I finish translating one of the two I’m working on, I might consider continuing it, or if enough people show interest in it I can probably squish some weekly or biweekly chapters of that.

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