Updates and other stuff – November 2018 (Rant)

Hi guys, as you’ve noticed, I’m back to a schedule.

Each week I’ll post 4 chapters of High Spec Village. Starting on monday and ending on sunday.

For the other two novels, Tou no madoushi will have 2 chapters every two weeks (4 a month) and The villainous girl one will have 1 chapter every two weeks (2 a month). For these two, it’ll be the first and last half of the month, not strictly by weeks… And I just noticed its already 23! OMG!

Anyway, sponsored chapters are back. Like I said in last chapter, I’d love to buy my family some christmas presents, and I’ll be honest, my current earnings are barely enough for me, so I decided to be a bit more commited with translations now.

I opened a store, stationaries’ store, a little while back, but it’s not going so well. At least now everything has settled and I’m used to it, so I’ll spend more time in translating.

On a side note, wordpress wordads program sucks… at least that’s how it feels. My first month’s earnings just “arrived” and… as you can see:

2018-11-23 (1)


A dollar for 117,098 ads… I dont know what to make of that.

On the bright side I ran the math and 71.8% of my visitors dont use adblocker, which is nice, at least.

Actually, I just read carefully about the ads and aparently, 97ish% of the people seems to have adblock… Or something… I dont know anything anymore…

So, I joined the amazon affiliate program to link novels, so there will be novel links at the end of the chapter, they are not intrusive, just images. If you find them annoying just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Well, not like I’m expecting much of that, I honestly had high (higher at least) expectations of the ad earnings, but if it keeps going like that, I’ll have to find another hosting service for next year, since ads wont pay for the site even remotely.

Ohhh, yeah, another thing. I got around to fix the site’s structure. At least from my end, and just the HSV chapters for now, it was getting out of hand to sort everything and now each chapter is under its own… how do you call it? subdomain? anyway, now the chapters are basically in a “folder”, in the high spec village folder of sorts. That makes it easier for me to edit and fix stuff. That’s also the reason why the chapters are alone and my “pre-chapter rant” is separately. Still I need to add that “rant” so the Novel Updates bot adds the chapters, since the chapters are now posted on “Pages” and not “Blog Posts”.

I know I can add the chapters manually, but the bot does it for me 🙂 sorry I’m lazy.

Anyway, got any comment? suggestion? hate/like the schedule? I know you’d love more chapters, but that’d have to do for now.

And as always, thanks for all your support.


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