Moto Sekai Ichi – Chapter 50 part 2

Here's the second part! I like the "slave of different skin color" 🙂     Enjoy the chapter! TL: Kari ED: Shoust00 Chapter 50b    


Maseki Gurume – Chapter 6

I dont really feel like adding the chapter to NU, why doesnt it do it automatically? Anyway, by the time you read this from novel updates, it might've been a while since this was posted.   Enjoy the chapter! TL: Kari   Chapter 6    

Maseki Gurume – Chapter 4

Alright, here is chapter 4! By the way, we have a new translator in the team! his name is Blaze... Well, not like his name NAME, but you get it 🙂 He will be helping out with Maseki Gurume!     Enjoy the chapter! TL: Blaze TLC: Kari ED: Kari Chapter 4