Rant incoming (And announcement, I guess?)


I don’t want to be a mediocre translator.

What I mean by that is. In the fan translation community there are good and bad translators, bad translators might be bad due to skill in the language, or size of vocabulary. But those are different from mediocre translators. By my standards, a mediocre translator is one who does not strive to improve.

Translating isn’t easy, go ask all the “first time” translators out there and they will tell you it is harder than they believed before they started. Same goes for me, it was difficult when I started, and it is still time consuming, but it is fun.

The fun I get from translating is not just reading a story or sharing it with others. One thing I find lovely about translating is knowing how to properly express something.

Same as with drawing I suppose, when you first start you might be only able to draw stick figures, but if you do it over and over you start to get better at it. You move forwards, going from drawings without much sense, to something other people call beautiful.

For me, that is the case for most things in life, and in this case translations. A mediocre translator is one who learns just the minimal knowledge needed. One who doesn’t get better at it, who remains with the same quality (if its bad at first, if its great this doesn’t apply :P). I personally, want to keep improving.

I know many people like High Spec Village, but without the help of an editor it was a bit hard to improve its quality with the knowledge I had. I have a great amount of respect for editors, I know how hard it can be sometimes to “fix” chapters to make them readable.

So, I decided to give myself a little push and TL check and edit properly all my past chapters.

I hope you can read them again after I’m finished, I will post the updated chapters when I post chapter 18 (Maybe tomorrow).

And that is the reason for this delay.

Sorry and a huge thanks for supporting me and reading my rants.


2 thoughts on “Delays

  1. Hey, don’t sweat it. Even though you’re a newbie, you didn’t do too bad of a job translating so far. Trust me, I’ve seen some people who do such good work with certain novels and then crap work with others. As the old saying goes, “Nobody’s Perfect”.


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