Kari’s B-day batch release.

A couple days later than usual. Yeah, my b-day is the 27th of this month. And, like always, I’m here to give you a batch release.

I’m also releasing the chapters I had in stock for maseki gurume, since I might as well do so. I know there’s another translator for the series already and you guys voted to let them keep it. After all, I’m still getting back to my usual pace as I’m still recovering.

Anyway, here you got! A “happy birthday” is more than enough for me, but if you want to show a bit more support, here’s a paypal button.

Wish Kari a Happy Birthday

Whatever much you can is appreciated. If you can't, a message that says a bit more than just "Happy Birthday" is also very welcomed.


Moto Sekai Ichi 

Chapter 090

Chapter 091

Chapter 092

Chapter 093

Chapter 094

Chapter 095

Maseki Gurume

Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Volume 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1 Chapter 6

Teihen Ryoushu

Chapter 17

16 thoughts on “Kari’s B-day batch release.

  1. Hi. Happy birthday.
    Its been a while, for me at least.
    I remember last time , if im nit wrong it was around the time with the water problem and the local or something.
    No exactly sure if that is what you are recuperating from. But either way cheers


  2. I hope you are doing well Kari. I have tried reaching out on discord to see if you are doing well. Hope everything has been alright in your life and worried about you. Thank you for doing all that you do for everyone it means a lot


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