Teihen Ryoushu – Chapter 15

To be honest, I had forgotten I had chapters of this series. Sorry Also, I've fixed the navigation buttons to take you directly to the chapter instead to this prechapter thingy post. Still, these prechapter posts are needed for Novelupdates to pick up the release.   Enjoy the chapter! TL: Kari ED: Kari Chapter 015 … Continue reading Teihen Ryoushu – Chapter 15

Teihen Ryoushu – Chapter 13

New chapter! aiming for posting something each day this month (until the holidays at least). It's Teihen Ryoushu again since I'm still not quite healed of my arm. Tomorrow, most likely, will be a part of Maseki Gurume (this next chapter is huuuuuge)   Enjoy the chapter! TL: Kari ED: - Chapter 013