Teihen Ryoushu – 017

Episode 17:Fierce Fight! ≪Hellflame Evil Dragon・Black Dragon≫!!!

――It’s been decades since it settled deep into the mine. But even so, the dragon continued to practically control the province.

At first, many soldiers were sent in to deal with it, but against those black dragon scales that even bows and arrows were nothing more than simple pebbles, human attacks were insignificant. With a swing of its sharp claws, it turned those people into minced meat in an instant.

The same happened dozens of times. At the end, when the magician noble who went to subjugate it was killed very easily, the population of the territory completely surrendered to the dragon.


At the bottom of the mine’s shaft, the black dragon laughed. How helpless are these puny humans, it thought.

Now, fearing the threat the dragon posed, they regularly dropped livestock and even offered girls as a sacrifice. Not having to worry about hunting anymore, the dragon was satisfied with its current lifestyle.

However――Every once in a while, you’d want to move your body.

(Alright, it’s been a long time so let’s go attack the nearby village.)

The dragon roared after expressing its sadistic feelings. It was whimsical, cruel, and egoistical, pretty much a tyrant.()

Thus, while flapping its wings, the dragon soared towards the surface――It was then-

“――I see, so you’re an evil dragon.”

All of a sudden, a dignified voice echoed from above.

As the dragon glared upwards, several humans lined up at the edge of the once mine shaft which now was used as a sacrificial hole.

As a dragon, he lacked a sense of beauty for humans, but he noticed most of them were young girls, moreover, his mood improved as he felt they would have good quality meat.

(Hoho, have they brought me a fine meal……!? Well then, humans, let me eat you up already.)

Come, fall into this abyss of death……!

At that moment, the dragon opened his mouth wide and waited for the new meal to come down――

“――Alright, this Alicia will come for the first pitch!!! ”

A small wooden box was thrown at the dragon’s mouth, hitting its fangs, and at the same time causing a large explosion――!!!


The dragon shrieked! It was convinced that the food would drop as usual, but instead was suddenly hit and received damage!

However, this was just the beginning. The humans threw palm-sized wooden boxes one after the other while wearing pleased smiles!

(S-Stop!? What the heck!? What are you doing!?)

The power of the mysterious wooden box thrown by the humans was fearsome. BOOOOOOM! With that violent sound, it exploded against the dragon’s body!

The black scales, which should be sturdy, fell off, its proud wings were in tatters, the claws which had killed countless humans crumbled down――!

It was a situation beyond the bounds of possibility for a dragon to be in.

It was something that a monster as strong as a dragon should not forgive, being one-sidedly attacked by humans――!


The dragon roared in anger after being blasted by that heat and shockwave.

(Am I going to be killed by something like a lowly human? ME? THE ABSOLUTE RULER OF THIS FOOD CHAIN!?)

With a flash of pride in its eyes, the dragon jumped with all of its might in order to destroy those human beings.

Then, the moment the dragon finally reached the same height as the humans―― A man with a cold gaze, who appeared to be the leader of the group, muttered something as if he had suddenly thought of it.

“Quite cool, aren’t you? ――Alright, I made up my mind. In your next life, you’ll be my pet.”


After muttering those words that didn’t make sense, the man threw some pieces of meat into the dragon’s mouth.

At first, it thought it was coated with some sort of poison, but it tasted like a high-grade beef. Not following the course of events currently taking place, the dragon simply swallowed it with a gulp……it was then that-


The dragon’s life came to an end.

Why? Because dozens of cows were suddenly born inside its body――!!!



A large number of cows crushed all of the dragon’s internal organs and ripped its flesh, and from the holes in its skin across its whole body came the appearance of carefree cows.

……Thus, the pitiful black dragon fell down the vertical mine shaft while vomiting out cows――.

◆ ◇ ◆

――I did it~~~~~~~~~! I killed a dragon! Furthermore, I got a pet!!!

The five of us who came subdue the dragon were on our way home, inside the swaying carriage.

Or rather, should I say five people and five animals? On our laps, black dragons, the size of a chicken, were squealing energetically.

After we finished our task, I collected pieces of meat from the dragon and mass-produced them using my recovery magic.

It was just an oversized lizard that easily died after throwing in some bombs, but it looked cool since it was a dragon after all. From now on, we will establish raising and training methods appropriate for these guys, so that eventually they work hard for the Baibalon territory.

They can help with transportation, or like flying customers around, and I can even grow some as edible goods since they seem to be a delicacy……Fufufu, I’m sure I’ll become famous all across the country!

“Piiiー! Piiiー! ”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, do you want to eat some beef? ”


After showing them some beef meat, they began to cry and tremble uncontrollably.

Looks like they hate beef for some strange reason. They sure are some wasteful and luxurious geckos.

Still, any baby creature is quite cute.

The mentally strange Alicia was stroking the dragon laying on her lap while smiling gently.

“Fufufufu……You can call me mommy, okay? And call Rize-sama daddy. Come on, now you say it. Hurry up!!! ”

“Pi-Piiiii~……! ”

“Well, I guess it’s impossible……”

……I knew Alicia would be doing her usual shenanigans. Yeah, she has a pretty face and a smooth body, but it’s a shame. I wish she followed someone else’s example.

While thinking how hopeless Alicia was, I turned towards Irina, the dog-eared beauty.――

“Guu~……Guu~……! ”

……She was sleeping with a happy smile while having her slightly bulging belly showing off. By the way, her dragon was nowhere to be seen.

Let’s pretend I didn’t what happened to it.

Incidentally, Klaus, the captain of the guards, enthusiastically talked to the maid Bell about my magnificence, and while listening to Klaus’ story, she muttered some words: “Krais, the knight, passionately loved his lord, Roze. However, soon after Duke Hazelheim, who was also aiming for Roze appeared, and thus, the three men fell into a heated swamp of lust――! ” and at the same time, she intensely wrote something on a paper, let’s not pay attention to it since I don’t really understand.

Yeah, I don’t get it, but at least it seems like she has properly learned to write. Earnestly teaching her has shown it was worth it.


In my mind, I get a pleasant feeling being surrounded by good friends. A lot of things happened during this adventure.

I triumphantly left the Baibalon territory with my head held high, had a dozen horses pull the carriage for about an hour, and then killed the strong dragon in about a minute. Now, after another hour of the horses pulling the carriage, I can see the Baibalon fief in the distance……Ehh? Wait.

――Did… Did my adventure only last for TWO HOURS!!!? That was not enough time to even make some memories with these guys!!!

“Piii~ Piii~! ”

“……This is all your fault for being way too weak! EAT THIS BEEF, DAMMIT!”


……Well, I think it’s okay since I got a dragon as easy as going out for a walk!

Alright! Next time I’ll catch that oversized squid people call Kraken in the nearby sea and I’ll keep it in a pond in the Baibalon territory.

Let’s do our best tomorrow, the same way as today, aiming for a peaceful territory that will be someday crowded with tourists!

My heroic tales have just begun――!!!

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