High Spec Village – 054.5

Episode 54.5 【Idle talk】: Development of a new weapon.


 This is a story after returning from the trade city Orn.

 In the village of Urd, the harvest of the Inahon was over and the preparations for the winter were taking place.

“How are you doing, Gaton-jii-san? “

“It’s you, huh, kid. As you can see.”

 At that time, Yamato visited Gaton’s workshop. It was to check up on the work he had requested.

“Ohh, you sure have worked hard.”

 Finding the completed farm equipment in a corner of the workshop, Yamato expressed his admiration.

“Hmph, the work wasn’t hard. But you are an odd person, to come up with such strange tools.”

 Towards Yamato’s compliments, Gaton answered in a humbled tone. And as usual, his tone was harsh, characteristic of the Mountain Clan People, but Yamato didn’t mind.

“By the way, Jii-san. I hoped you could give me one of those secret stones you use during manufacturing.”

“The stones I use… you mean the “Fire stones of God’s Wrath”? Absolutely not.”

 After hearing Yamato’s plead, Gaton refused his request. At the end of his line of sight rested a metal box that was kept strictly away from others.

“If those are to be handled by human hands, they can be very dangerous…”

 Inside that box were secret stones used by the Mountain Clan People called “Fire stones of God’s Wrath”.

 Their appearance was similar to a jewel, but they were dangerous stone that exploded upon receiving a shock.

 Yamato was shown the explosion a while ago, so he knew of its nature and dangers. That was the reason why, to be prepared for what was to come, he really wanted those stones.

“The issue with the impact can be solved by putting them in a bag like this.”

“A bag you say… what the hell is that? “

 Gaton widened his eyes in surprise after feeling the bag Yamato handed over to him. It was a mysterious cloth that deformed and absorbed the pressure of Gaton’s finger when he pushed it.

“You can carry that stone by wrapping it in a piece of this cloth.

“I see… you can indeed carry it with you like this…”

 Yamato’s words were convincing for Gaton.

 Although he was a stubborn craftsman, there was greed in his eyes to try to incorporate whatever could be used. And right now, he was carefully observing the bag.

(I never expected that shock-resistance material to be useful in such a place…)

 The inside of the bag Yamato handed to Gaton was lined with shock-resistance material.

 It was cut from the outdoor sleeping mat he had when he was transferred to this world. With the high-quality low-rebound foam, it had the property of considerably absorbing impacts.

“I understood its safety. But still, the “Fire stone of God’s Wrath” is still a secret stone. For me to give it to you…”

“How about this “core” in exchange?”

“The core, you say!? Are you sure you want to give up on that!?

 Not expecting to hear that, Gaton exclaimed aloud in surprise.

 He never even dreamed of receiving the core of a Spiritual Beast in exchange for anything.

“The core of such a large Spiritual Beast is rare… with its price, not even a small country can afford to buy it…”

 Gaton was surprised since a core like this had an incredibly high value.

 According the Mountain Clan People, a race who lived as one with the earth, the core bestowed good fortune to the person who carried it, and protected them from all diseases and curses.

 Therefore, it was sought after by kings and large merchants who didn’t care if they had to pile up all their fortune for it.

“I’m not interested in money. More than that, the power of the “Fire stone of God’s Wrath” will be more useful to us.”

“Hmph. Unselfish man to the end, as usual.”

“That’s something I don’t want to be told by you, Jii-san.”

“I guess you’re right.”

 They jokingly spoke to each other.

 Even though their race and age were different, they both were quite awkward. Gaton promised to give Yamato the “Fire stone of God’s Wrath”.

“Well, I know it’s sudden, Jii-san. But, please make this ‘pole’.”

“Hmph. Hand it over, I knew it would end up like this. Let me see… w-what is this…?”

 Looking at the paper presented by Yamato, Gaton was at lost for words. A design of a new weapon using the nature of the “Fire stone of God’s Wrath” was drawn in the paper.

“It’s possible to make this… but it’ll break once you use it. And the arm of the person who uses it will be torn off…”

 Reading the design and calculating in his mind, Gaton gave his honest opinion.

 About its destructive power and the durability of the ‘pole’. And it would also take the lives of those who use it, with a terrible rebound.

“The ‘poles’ are disposable. Please make several of them by spring. I’ll handle the recoil.”

“Make such a dangerous weapon. Is a Spiritual Beast going to be your opponent…?”

“Yeah. But that’s only a hunch though.”

 Gaton easily saw through Yamato’s intention. This was an unnecessary weapon to use on an ordinary thief.

 In other words, Yamato had the feeling he would confront a Spiritual Beast again, like in the rock salt mine. And this was needed to overcome such time.

“If you do something dangerous, Liscia and the brats will worry… Kid.”

“Yeah, I know.”

 Knowing first-hand the dangers of a Spiritual Beast better than anyone, Gaton was a bit sentimental.

 But Yamato replied that he will be okay, to reassure the old blacksmith.

“Also, about the core, can you split it?”

“What!? Hey, wasn’t I getting this in exchange!?”

 To his sudden suggestion, Gaton replied loudly. That worried impression he gave earlier faded as if it was a lie.

“I want to use it as an amulet. Or could it be that even for Jii-san, breaking the core is something impossible? “

“Hmph. Don’t spout nonsense! There is no stone nor metal that cannot be handled by the Mountain Clan People! Such a core poses no difficulty! “

“I expected no less. Just like the ‘poles’, it’s okay if it’s done by the time the snow melts.”

 Gaton agreed to divided the large core and produce several amulets with it.

 His eyes shone at the prospect of processing a core, which he had never experienced up until now.

“Also, that Lienhardt’s shield technique was quite interesting. Can you make a shield like the one on this blueprint?”

“Hey, Kid! You want to kill me!? Working me the whole winter!”

“If you can’t, then I’ll ask the others.”

“Hmph, it’s obvious that I can do it myself. In exchange, spare some of that good wine during winter! “

 Gaton was a master blacksmith, one of only three in the continent.

 Although he liked to grunt and was a little rough, Gaton was a bit too dependable.

“Also, you gotta come assist me! “

“Okay, got it.”

 During winter, the majority of the work was done indoors. Yamato thought it wasn’t bad to assist Gaton and learn a bit of the work of a blacksmith.

(Oh god… It feels like this year’s winter will be over in the blink of an eye…)

 With those thoughts in mind, winter slowly and steadily approached the village.

 It was a season that encouraged indoors work in each house and made the villagers look forwards to the warmth of spring.

TLN: By suggestion of Easykiln, I’ve changed “Spear” for “Pole” in this chapter. The character is 槍 and means spear from japanese, but also means gun if translated from chinese. And, although vague, one can tell it’s a sort of firearm the weapon Yamato commisioned to Gaton.


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17 thoughts on “High Spec Village – 054.5

  1. If I remember correctly, gun has the same character as spear in Chinese. There might be something similar here, where it’s trying to be vague. Since spear is rather specific in English, if that’s the case, I’d choose to write pole or pole shaped arm instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • True, maybe that’s what the author meant.
      The character is yari (槍) and yeah, in chinese it means gun.
      Since I had my doubds I went to the japanese dictionary and:
      1. spear; lance​
      2. javelin​
      3. lance ​Shogi term, See also 香車
      4. jeering​Archaism
      Probably what Yamato had in mind is something like a disposable musket.
      I’ll change it and add a note. Thanks.


  2. Judging by “Recoil” and “blowing off your arm”, it’s either a:
    Crude Panzerfaust
    Straight-up Hand Cannon/Hand Mortar
    An RPG or Rocket Launcher
    Or a literal Javelin Launcher (explosive propellant to launch the spear at high speed)


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    How volatile are those stones exactly? If they explode at the slightest impact, not many things they can be used for. Weapons made using them would likely explode in the user’s hand.


  4. If you’ve watched Netflix’s Marco Polo they use prototype firearms where they fire shrapnel from a tube using gun powder/black powder holding the tube at the end of a spear. I think that’s what Yamato was going for but swapping out the stone for the necessary fuel.


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