High Spec Village – Chapter 43

Hi, again with the delays u_u

Two main things happened, one is I’ve been having tooth pain so, I’ve been going to the dentist for an endodoncy. Today Its finally done, yay! I had to take some antibiotics for the infection before the procedure could be finally done, so it took a bit of time. Also, it seems like I’m resilient to anesthesia, so it wasnt a very pleasant experience.

Work has been keeping me a bit busy too, but that was not out of the norm.

The second thing is a surprise to be honest. But you will know what it is the next month. I’m pretty sure it will be a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, here’s chapter 43. Since I’m posting the delayed chapters, today will be 3 chapters. 44 will be posted in a few hours (since if I post them at the same time, nobody comments on the first ones ¬¬ )


Chapter 43


17 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 43

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  2. Thanks for the new chapter! Glad your dental problems are resolved. Mine are almost there. My 6th appointment is hopefully the last one with all the stuff related to getting a root canal and the clean up after it.


    • Well, almost. Today was the day the nerves were “killed” and I have to go in two days for a follow up to see if everything is fine so the dentist finishes up with the resin. I have to say, having the anesthesia finally wearing off, although I dont feel tooth pain per say. Having the insides of a tooth scrapped with a piece of metal leaves it hurting after you can feel it again. I guess I’ll have to take some painkillers.
      I hope yours gets done soon, it can be pretty annoying, even if it doesnt hurt.

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      • Ahh. Good luck with the remaining parts of the procedure!
        Mine is done. Just got to finish covering my tooth after the procedure which is taking longer than I expected.


  3. Thanks for the chapter and welcome back!
    I’m anesthesia resistant too, and my dentist found the trick to it: since it’s due to stress usually, she gives me the shot and leaves me alone for 15-20 minutes (she goes to check other patients). When she comes back, it has started working because I unconsciously relax while she’s gone, so I don’t feel a thing! Try that with your dentist next time!


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