High Spec Village – 043

Episode 43: A Fleeting Holiday


“Yo, Yamato-danna! “

 The self-called debauchee, Lacq, arrived with his usual  carefree greeting at the bazaar, the same as he had been doing these past few days.

 And of course, this morning as well he had the same attitude as before.

“……Hoo? “

“If you’re looking for the people of Urd, they said they were taking today as a holiday, playboy-niichan. “

 But today, the shop he was looking for was nowhere to be seen. The man from the neighboring stall told him they were taking the day off.

“For real?”

 At the time Lacq was feeling at loss, Yamato was enjoying the holiday at the center of the city.

 Several days had passed since the group first came to trade at Orn city, but today was the first day they properly used as a shopping day.

 Asked by Liscia, Yamato accompanied her as they both went shopping.

“Yamato-sama, look at this! That shop is also quite wonderful.”

“Yeah, there’s also more variety than before.”

 The shopping destination was left in Liscia’s hands.

 Since she had visited Orn several times in the past, there were many shops she was already familiar with.

“This necklace design is very pretty, is it not?”

“True, after all, it’s not one you could find in the village.”

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted something pretty like this…”

 It was impossible to shop at the luxurious shops, so they mostly visited stalls and small shops located by the side of the main street.

 They visited several shops that a girl would like, such as a handmade jewelry shop, a clothing shop, a glass goods shop, and even a general store.

 Not really looking for anything in particular, Yamato only followed after her as a luggage carrier.

 Still, he couldn’t help but to find the economic situation in Orn not being as bad as he believed.

There appears to be no noticeable confusion due to the influence of the imperialmerchant…

 According to what he heard from Isis yesterday afternoon, a merchant with the backing of the Hisan Empire had come.

 The purpose was the economically weaken the city of Orn.

 That imperial merchant, by having the backing of a country, could then disregard the market prices in Orn and force-sell his good without obtaining a profit.

 As a result, the local stores would receive less and less customers.

Is the plan to bring down the economy still underway? Or is it that Isis is doing a decent job as the consul regent?

 While shopping with Liscia, Yamato casually collected information.

 He decided to speak with the old women in the market about various subjects.

 Among the information he gathered, what was spoken about the most by the women was that the regent girl acting on behalf of the consul was really trying her best.

 Although she lacked in experience, the citizens had a favorable view of her, often saying 『She frequently comes to the downtown area, and diligently listens to our voices』.

Weirdly enough, it kind of makes me feel relieved. Despite how she looks, she is in fact a girl with a strong heart…

 Feeling impressed, Yamato remembered the previous interaction in front of the inn the night before. He couldn’t help but to review the evaluation he gave to her at that moment.

 In order to govern a city of this size, her reckless actions might be necessary.

“Ya…… mato-sama…… Yamato-sama! “

“Eh… what’s wrong Liscia-san.”

 Turning his gaze, he saw Liscia calling to him.

“Yamato-sama, you’re making a troubled face. Today is supposed to be a day off.”

 Apparently, Yamato switched to work-mode while he collected information.

Liscia then scolded him, using his very same words of『Forget about work and just relax today』.

“Ah, so it was that. Sorry. Let’s continue shopping.”

 And so, while casually speaking, the two people finished shopping.

“Ah, its Yamato-niichan! “

 That moment, they heard a voice as they walked down the downtown area.

“Yamato-ani-sama! “


 Three of the children of the village stopped them.

 They were the oldest among the children, the children leader Guts, the Han clan girl Kuran, and the painter girl Chloë.

 These three were almost old enough to be strolling around the city just by themselves.

 By the way, the other children from the village were exploring the city and shopping in groups of several children. Their safety wasn’t a big issue since they were instructed and prepared in advance.

“Ahh, not fair, only Liscia-neechan has bought so many things! “

“Me too, I want ani-sama to pick up something for me.”

“Me too, pick a book and drawing supplies for me… please.”

 These three were the oldest children, nearly the age of Liscia. Yamato thought that this might be a good time to let them buy whatever they wanted.

“Alright, you three always have given your best. So, only for today.”

 Therefore, the three of them, along with Liscia and Yamato, went to pick something they wanted.

 After going around the streets, visiting several small shops, the shopping ended without issue.

 It was at this time that at the edge of the square, near a street corner, the children were going to show Yamato what they bought.

“Yamato-nii-sama… thank you very much.”

“I’m glad you found exactly what you wanted.”

“Yes! “

 What Chloë bought was a set of art supplies and a book for drawing that she wanted.

 She was pleased by the elegance of the high-quality items she got, and she thanked Yamato, almost with teary eyes.

 It was a surprise for her, being modest and introvert, to properly voice what she wanted.

 Chloë was good at calculating, Yamato had asked her to be the village treasurer and assist Liscia. And of course, Yamato still felt the same way, wanting to keep counting on her.


“Ani-sama! Please, praise my flute too.”

“Yeah, it makes quite a nice sound, Kuran.”

“Thank you very much! “

 The Han clan girl Kuran bought a decorated flute from a famous shop in the city.

 She, the same as many of the people of the grasslands, collected musical instruments as a hobby.

 A charming sound that couldn’t be properly described, resounded in the plaza when she tested it.

 The beautiful girl Kuran inherited the blood of the king of the grasslands. And contrary to her polite tone, she was also someone who took things at her pace and hated to lose.

 Yamato valued her highly, as she could ride hundreds of kilometers per day, and wanted to keep relying on her in the future in regards of transportation power and mobility.


“Hey Yamato-niichan… praise me too…”

“Oh. Guts, you too look quite good… in that one-piece dress…”

“For real!? Then I’m glad I gathered the courage to buy it! “

 Guts, the children leader, was happy with her cheeks dyed in red.

 Following Liscia’s advice, she picked up a one-piece dress.

No way… was Guts actually a girl…?

 In hopes that the others wouldn’t notice it, Yamato tried his best at remaining calm.

 However, nothing had surprised him this much since he came to this world.

 After all, the Guts who he always thought was a mischievous boy, was actually a girl. And today was the first time he had taken notice of it.

“Yamato-sama… can it be that… you thought Guts was a boy…?”

“There’s no way that can be the case, Liscia-san.”

 Responding immediately, Yamato tried to denied the doubtful question of Liscia. His obvious answer: ‘There’s no way that’s the case’.

 But, she was spot on.

 Guts was the tallest among the children in the village, had a leading personality and was always active. Moreover, with her hair being short, Yamato never imagined her being other than a boy for this past year.

…Yeah, no matter how you look at her, she is a girl after all…

 Even after checking it over and over, the figure in the dress definitely belonged to a girl.

 After Liscia brushed her hair, she turned out into a pretty and slightly boyish girl.

 By the way, Guts was a nickname given to her in the village.

 Her actual name was ‘Galiereis’, which was somewhat difficult to pronounce. Due to that, the nickname ‘Guts’ was given and used from a very young age.

Not being able to properly tell her gender… I’ve still got a long way to go…

 Yamato’s physical abilities and sense had greatly improved since coming to this different world.

 However, he had the feeling he had been conceited.

 Learning from this lesson, he swore in his mind to be more critical and properly analyze everything.

“Yamato-nii-sama… Thank you so much…”

“I will continue to use this life of mine for the sake of you, ani-sama! “

“Yamato-niichan, really, thanks! “

 The three children… no, the three ‘girls’ were happily thankful.

 He had been feeling slightly guilty about having to expose these girls whom barely had become teenagers to dangerous situations during the hunting and the bandit attack.

 But after seeing their smiles, his determination was renewed.

 The appearance of these girls trying their best to live their lives to the full shone beautifully.

“It’s nothing worth being thanked for… but, from now on, please continue to lend me your strength…”

” ” ” “Yes! ” ” ” “

 In this way, the rare day off ended with several discoveries and surprises.

TLN: So, what do you think? I already knew Guts was a girl since the beggining, so I tried to be a little neutral when talking about her in the past, trying to make it seems like she was a boy. The way she speaks is obviously tomboyish, the same as a boy would. And as many of you might know, Japanese is a bit gender neutral when talking about something or someone, and only inferred by the way they speak unless stated.

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4 thoughts on “High Spec Village – 043

  1. Ok, they got me there. I hadn’t seen vol.1’s cover until right before this chapter, and I thought to myself “who is Chloe and who is Guts? They both look like girls!”, haha.


  2. Thank you and good job TL-san for translating this masterfully. I really thought Guts was a guy. Her real name is quite femine (for me).


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