High Spec Village – Chapter 42

Okay, here’s today’s chapter.

Also, some of the character’s illustrations.

You know Liscia, Yamato, Guts and Chlöe since they appear in the volume 1 cover.

Here, from left to right, Gaton, Kuran, Lienhardt and Isis.

Enjoy the chapter. Off to rest a bit.

Chapter 42


15 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 42

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    That knight is just salty that Yamato managed to subdue all the assassins before he and his knights even made it into the room.


  3. Thanks for the chapters~!

    Hmmm, if we are going with the template, the men and women of Urd are now in that aggressor country’s army, it is they who are enabling the country to aggressively expand their influence due to their inherent cheat specs.

    But since the blood has thinned over the ages, they won’t be as cheat-like as Yamato.

    Not to mention, he has the other world knowledge cheat to fall back on.

    Also, with an MC carrying the name of a country of old, confirmed country building arc in the making…


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