High Spec Village – Chapter 44

Sorry but I dont feel too well, I actually just wanted to rest since a while ago. My tooth aches, but its not pain like before, now its just when I bite something.

Chapter 45 will be out tomorrow, I really dont feel like doing anything at this moment, so I’ll just call it a day.

Also, enjoy the chapter, the story starts to move forward again n_n

Chapter 44


12 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 44

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    • Thanks for the chapter!
      Yeah, that was a military parade sized flag, lol. (In case someone wonders, think gigantic flags held horizontally by a lot of people. The explanation just killed my silly joke…😅)
      I would have given that guy a fake name & address. Just for the middle finger effect, because I have a bad feeling the knight’s people (if not Sir Bloodthirsty himself) already know who Yamato is, either form when he defended the girl or for how he kept meeting her. Quite frankly, that girl put him & his village in danger & involved him in her war & I half think that it was done on purpose so he’ll be forced to take her side. I find it very, very suspicious that B just threw that knife to kill. Option 1: general suspicion, he senses eyes on him. Option 2: he came to the shop on purpose, both to poach talent & get rid of a nuisance. & I think B was brought over to either kill the girl, since she managed to escape the 1st time, or to lead the infiltration efforts & cause maximum chaos.


      • ikr
        and i think the latter is the most possible reason. To get rid of nuisance (remember that Lacq was also there) and the blacksmith is just a bonus, i mean, he didn’t know at first that there’s an excellent blacksmith there. And B saying “oh, alright fine i guess” to the blacksmith reply prove that. He might came to cause chaos from the inside and do a recon of how strong the enemy is i guess. And might as well kill him if he had the chance.

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