10 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Extra 01

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  2. Some things to add to maybe improve the character sheet for the readers.
    1. 【Yamato (山人)】 means literally person(人)of the mountain(山)
    2. Please add the ages and fisical description to the characters. Since most of them were described some chapters ago the readers will already have forgotten and they get replaced with placeholders in their minds. Specially Lucina since she should now be almost 14 but should look like 12, yet I can guess that most readers have the standard heroine in mind since people read several stories at a time. (I accompany around 30 translations) this would also mean that if something in the texts writing style displays her as child it has to be shown well in the English version, else the reader finds the MCs behavior strange.


    • I didnt make the character sheet, that’s in the actual novel, after chapter 17. Every arc has a character sheet, I only translated it.
      Also, thats the way Yamato’s name is written, maybe isnt that important in the translation, but in the novel, everyone calls Yamato with katakana, not kanji nor hiragana.


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