High Spec Villlage – Chapter 18

It took me a few days, but finally, it is completed.

What you may ask. Well, since not many people read that post I might as well say it here. I re-edited and tl-checked all the past chapters of High Spec Village, the updated version is now posted in the site.

What I did was to change the tense of the story to a third person narrative. You see, when I started with this novel, it made more sense to have it in first person, but as the chapters went on and on, I noticed this was a mistake that could give place to misinterpretations.

Japanese is a language without tense, and if you read it, sometimes you find it sounding like third person and some other times it sounds like a first person. Same reason why you probably have read a translator say stuff like “The author suddenly changes from third to first person”.

Anyway, I encourage you to re-read all the chapters, they might give a different feeling now. And from now on, I’ll keep the same narrative tense for all chapters.

Also, the previous chapters were edited for a better flow. Do check them (no advertisement intended). If you’re new and already read the chapters labeled as “Edited” then pay no heed to this announcement.

Also, if you know someone who might want to help with chapter edition, please let him know I’m in need of a Line Editor.

Now, on to the chapter.

Chapter 18


27 thoughts on “High Spec Villlage – Chapter 18

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    • Pedophilia is far and away too damn normalized in Japanese pop culture. It emboldens certain people into thinking it is acceptable.


    • It’s depends on race, age (as in modern and medieval) and dietary. Age of 14 to 16 could be pretty big (talking about European) but if you go by Japanese standards I’d say 20 still look just as kid with their baby face. With all things considered people probably think of something close to them. I mean, by earth standard how did you guys link blond hair with Asian size people? Or maybe I might be lolicon? Wait, do I really?


      • It’s just cultural. 14-15 was frequent in medival period and physically it’s all good a little after puberty. I wouldn’t call you a pervert for being physically attracted to someone of that age, though if you liked their mentality that is a completely different story. I personally have a hard time determining ages from like 16-23, specially when you throw in Asian in there, usually can only tell by how they talk/what they talk about. A particularly young acting/short women could easily get me very confused about her age. Besides, it’s not like 18 is mystically any more a adult then a 17 year old… or some 16 year olds.

        That said it makes perfect sense for him to not identify anything sexual coming from her, at best he thinks she is crushing and it’s not a big deal. It’s going to take hyper aggression on her part in order for that line to break.


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