High Spec Village – Chapter 13

Delayed, but as you noticed, I had some troubles with the site. The one at universalnovels is still down and trying to get everything ready on this site took more time than I expected.

But now everything is up and running without issues (I think).

There are some things to explain before the chapter… well, just two to be honest.

  1. Senbakoki, also called Thousand Teeth Thresher. Here’s a short video illustrating what it is, how it looks and how it’s used.
  1. Liscia is the only young girl/young woman in the village, the rest are basically kids. So, she’s kinda like the “older” of the kids. For more info, you’ll have to wait until the next chapter.

I really wanted to finish this chapter and see your comments on this 🙂 we’re getting really close to the end of the first volume. Currently is 2 am here, so I’ll post it and go to bed. It might be a little late, but like I said, I really wanted to have this chapter out as soon as possible.

Night night. Enjoy.

Chapter 13


27 thoughts on “High Spec Village – Chapter 13

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  2. And why it has to be at night. Couldn’t help but having lewd thought, yet everyone knows nothing will happen.

    I really like how the author did not make things become extravagance. Yamato smart not a genius, he strong but not spectacular. Tools he introduced are mainly traditional, hence at least me, can feel “logically make sense”.


  3. someone put an R-15 tag on this at novels updates. so you should all be careful what you wish for ^^ maybe what will happen is exatly what we are thinking about XD
    Anyway, Thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait to read the next one, keep up the good work


  4. ‘Liscia expressed his thoughts’

    errrr her thoughts? anyway we wouldnt be freaking out in comments if it was a dude inviting him over tonight lololol.


  5. thanks for translating this series.
    i kinda hooked with nice lax-world-building stories like this. it has a few similarities with seiun no kakeru, but sadly that series had stopped being translated awhile ago. but why low rating from amazon? is this series doing bad in Japan?


    • A few thing to have in consideration.
      The novels we translators pick to share are but a fraction of the total novels in Japan.
      Some novels are bette received overseas, and have better rating than in Japan, an example would be Release That Witch, which has a very low fanbase in china compared to similar novels.
      Although following the same troupe as many other novels, this novel tries to fill a nieche in my opinion, therefore, more mainstream novels get more attention.
      Also, grown up MC (not one that reverts to a child) arent that popular from what I’ve seen.
      But I like adult protagonists, reason why I chose the two novels I’m translating.

      But I’m happy you and many others are liking it.


    • Also, after reading the comments on Amazon, the reasons the ratings are low are.
      1. Grammar mistakes arent fixed from the web novel version. (Yeah, the web novel has a lot of misspelling, some of it even makes me laugh sometimes.)
      2. Editors did nothing to improve it from the web version.
      3. MC isnt basically drunk with power, and doesnt show off.
      4. Some people want a more detailed explanation of the mechanics of the crossbow.

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  7. I really have to wonder why he’d have them create a crude threshing rack rather than a simple crank powered threshing machine. If the dwarf can make a crossbow with a mechanical winch then a drum with a spiky stick stuck through it isn’t exactly complex.


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