Mistaken for the Demon King – Chapter 1


“At last, I found it…”

Those were the only words that left my mouth while an indescribable sense of accomplishment filled my being.
After slashing down a numerous amount of monsters, avoiding a multitude of traps, running and pushing myself to the limit I finally found it  —- the materialization of my dream,  the goal I’ve been seeking all this time was finally in front of me.
A book placed on an altar-like pedestal.
Everything I did was in order to get this, I came all the way here, while desperately risking my life.

I’m Noah Whitefield.
Although I have a surname, it’s not like I’m from some big noble household. I’m just the third son of a lower ranked noble whose territory is in the provinces, a rural area of sorts. And I say territory, but it’s not really owned by us, my family is just a vavasour of the frontier Earl, and we’re managing a part of his territory. My father has the position of Baron, but he was practically just the errand boy of the frontier Earl.
And I, who was born in such a house, could be called of noble origins. But sometimes I wondered if it was alright for us, who felt pleased by having some soup with a piece of meat in it for dinner, to be calling ourselves nobles.
Moreover, my brothers, the eldest son and the second son are alive. For those born into aristocracy, only one, the eldest son, had the right to inherit the household. It is a house with not many merits, giving the feeling that it wasn’t a great deal to inherit it, but my eldest brother decided to assume that role.
That’s why the second son, my brother Rei, left the house and decided to join the Knight’s order. And I followed suit, choosing to become and adventurer.
Everything in order to attain this book that currently lied in front of me.

“This is…『Book of Job Exchange』……! “

Professions were a heaven’s gift.
Every person would receive a profession when they reached the age of fifteen. It was given in the form of the enhancement of that person’s own attributes. It is completely unknown what the criteria is to receive what Profession. One theory said that what the person most desired was reflected in the received Profession, but there were a lot of theories around, adding to that the circumstances of birth, or the experience the person has had so far. But all in all, the truth was that nobody really understood how they were given. Actually, there was a son of a baker who was given『Master Blacksmith』 as a Profession once.
For example, a person bestowed with the『Knight』Profession, like Rei-nii-san, could join the Knight’s Order, even if that person was a commoner or even a woman.  That was how highly the aptitude given by Professions was valued.

I too, received a heaven’s gifted Profession when I was fifteen.
Excitedly, I waited in anticipation of whether it would be『Knight』too like my brother, or even something like a 『Magician』, or wondered if I would instead get one of the lame Professions like『Villager』or『Merchant』. But whatever Profession I was bestowed with, I was willing to accept it as my vocation.
But the vocation that was given to me was —- It was 『Hero』.
Let me say it again. It was 『Hero』.
A Hero was a symbol of justice, one who fought against terrible monsters in order to protect the world, and whose ultimate goal was to defeat the Demon King.
Across history, it was always a Hero, that with a Hero Profession, the one who fought against the Demon King to defeat it.
There was only one person in the whole world with this Profession, and it was recognized in every country that said person had a civil duty, to go out in a journey to defeat the Demon King, and was prohibited from returning until the task was completed. And I became ‘that’ Hero.

But excuse me if I decline.

That’s what I’ve been thinking since I found out. Why was it always the role of the Hero to defeat the Demon King?
In the first place, fighting against the Demon King was not something that would bring many improvements. Defeating the Demon King doesn’t mean that the monsters running rampant would stop and it was not like if the Demon King was trying to conquer the world, which currently was peaceful. So, in this country, where our slightly belligerent neighbor was far more dangerous that the Demon King, I didn’t see the need for a Hero. Well, I can’t say for sure that the Demon King had no plans of world conquest.
In short, this was the reason of my current despair. The moment I found out I was given the『Hero』Profession, I felt nothing but despair.
The priest who performed the ceremony was also anxious of the outcome along with those friends who attended the ceremony together, that made me feel nothing but despair.
The only good point was that, during the ceremony nobody except the person receiving the bestowal, could hear the words. So, unless a Magician applied 《Analyze》 on you, the profession you received was basically self-declared.  As for the occupations like of those serving the country, for example『Knight』, 《Analyze》was always applied, so trying to lie about it was meaningless.
That’s why I decided to lie. 『Villager』was what I said.
Both the priest and my friends felt sorry for me, giving me looks of pity and condolence. 『Villager』 was considered a fail occupation that didn’t provide with extra abilities nor it reinforced your physical structure. When I reported it to father, he threw abusive words at me, saying「You really are worthless!」.
However, that was still good.
The moment I declare my Job to be 『Hero』, I will be thrown into a hellish journey, literally banished until I defeat the Demon King.


Therefore, I went on a journey while constantly hiding the fact that I was a 『Hero』.
Although I decided to become an adventurer, I did not registered to the Adventurer’s Guild. At the beginning I went to try and register, but I noticed the guild card issued by the Adventurer’s Guild always had the true job revealed. So, I couldn’t lie my way into it, since 《Analyze》 was properly used. If I had registered without knowing this fact, I would have been in serious trouble.
In that sense, I’m an adventurer, but a self-proclaimed one. So, in other words, I’m literally unemployed.
That’s why I went on a journey —- In order to search for a legendary item, one that I only heard from in rumors. The 『Book of Job Exchange』.

It was a one of a kind item, a book capable of changing your Job. But there were many rumors about this book, some said it was located in the deepest part of the largest dungeon, some that the elves had hidden it in a forest, other said a dragon took it to its nest and was guarding it, there were all kinds of rumors.
The adventurer Alexander, who became a historic figure by acquiring the job of『Magic Swordsman』 which no other person in the world had, was said to have used the Book of Job Exchange while he was a simple 『Swordsman』 . He was a legend who combined magic and sword, slicing through both monsters resistant to physical attacks and those resistant to magic equally. There seemed to be other people who obtained the Book of Job Exchange, but since it was a long time ago, none of those were alive anymore.

At that point, an idea came to my mind.
If I could get my hands on this Book of Job Exchange, I could change this darned job called 『Hero』.

“Now, how are you supposed to use this…”

With the rustling sound of turning pages, I tilted my neck.
Up to this point, I’ve been through a long, long journey. At the age of fifteen I received my Job, and it’s been five years since the time I set out on this journey. Without even returning home to see my family, I’ve been looking for this book all over the world.
Of course, it was thanks to the power of the 『Hero』 that I was able to overcome such an ordeal. Although for me personally, this was a cursed Profession, I was impressed by its power, which could rival that of the Demon King. The current me could even beat a dragon with a single blow. Bare handed, even.
But I finally found it. Like one of the rumors said, it was hidden 『in the deepest parts of the largest dungeon in the world』.
It was an underground dungeon, in the heart of a large forest. The Ruins of Lil ‘Caara.
A place that about 2,000 years ago was the home of the Demon King Lil ‘Caara. At that time, the Hero Cordoba fought and defeated the Demon King Lil ‘Caara in this place, and afterwards, it became a dungeon. As a result of becoming a monster’s nest, many adventurers frequently visit this place. It’s a brutal dungeon where the monsters become stronger and faster the deeper you advance.
It took me two whole weeks to reach this place from the entrance, without leaving the dungeon. I actually felt like I was going to die several times. Me, the person with the『Hero』Job.

The rustling sound continued as I kept turning the pages.
I glanced upon the various Profession recorded. There seemed to be one profession per page, with the first pages being professions like 『Swordsman』, 『Magician』 and 『Knight』, gradually changing to unusual jobs like 『Alchemist』 and 『Berserker』, and from the second half onwards were rare Professions like 『Magic Swordsman』 or 『Dragon Knight』.
Well then.
Even though I finally found it, I haven’t the slightest idea on how to use it. How it is that I change my Profession.
Ohh, there’s also a 『Hero』page. It’s quite annoying. On the next page 『Demon King』appeared as a Profession too. Wow, I never expected for Demon King to be a profession in the first place.
And then, my hands stopped on a certain page.

“Ehh…….! ? “

Like if being forced by magic, my hands stopped moving.
Then, as the pages started to shine in front of me, the sound of a voice resounded inside my head.

――The heavens have granted you a Job.

It was the same voice as the one I heard during the ceremony.
A voice only heard by oneself, a voice that could only be heard when getting a Profession.
With this, I will…
Finally, I’ll finally be able to get rid of this stupid 『Hero』 profession――!

――From now on, you’ll be a『Demon User』.

After hearing those words, the Book of Job Exchange in my hands burned, turning into ashes.

I was rejoicing.
At this moment, the 『Hero』 Noah Whitefield finally died.
And the new, 『Demon User』 Noah Whitefield was born.




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  2. Thanks fro the chapter it looks interesting. Oh you innocent Noah, Demon user sounds worse that been the Hero in fact it was even later wich mean that it difficulty must be higher.


  3. Oh not an actual isekai, how exciting. Kinda tired of that anyway.
    Made sense of this mc knowing what a darn stupid profession of a hero it is. Yeah would got harem but mountainous journey of fending off monsters and demons everyday till subjugation of the Maou. Its just painful, exhausting and annoying.


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